Reviews are a huge part of your social media presence. 49% of all consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from family and friends, with 91% of 18–34-year-olds feeling this way. These reviews have a huge influence on consumers, and being able to deal with them is an important part of ensuring you stay on top of your digital marketing performance. 
Here’s how you can deal with reviews on social media… 

Asking For Reviews 

Don’t be hesitant to ask customers to leave a review on your website or social media page. If you want to prove your business can be trusted, then reviews are an integral part of your digital marketing efforts. In fact, 60% of consumers believe the number of reviews a business has is crucial when deciding whether to use its services – therefore, getting these from your audience is an important step to ensuring you’ve fully optimised your digital marketing strategy. 

Dealing With Positive Reviews 

If you’re receiving good feedback, then you need to acknowledge those people who have taken time out to leave a nice comment about their experiences. By doing this, you can easily boost your brand’s reputation, showing people you’re appreciative of their feedback and happy that you’ve been able to provide them with a good experience. By making a customer feel valued, you can also boost brand loyalty as you’ll begin to build a good relationship with them on a foundation of respect on both sides. 



Dealing With Bad Reviews 

Negative reviews are part of your online marketing journey – when a customer has a bad experience with your products or your business and they make it known, you must make sure you get things sorted straight away. It can be easy to find yourself getting annoyed by bad reviews especially when it comes to your business – after all this is something you’ve worked hard on, and when someone doesn’t feel positive towards what you’ve provided it can be quite upsetting. It can also put future customers off from purchasing, so clearing things up can help to manage your reputation. 
In order to deal well with bad reviews, stay calm and professional – responding in an aggressive or negative manner will only raise the tensions more, which isn’t a good luck for your business. If you’ve heard the phrase ‘the customer is always right’, then you need to apply this to your business’ reviews on social media too. Be courteous, and offer help if needed. You should also consider taking the issue “offline” – this means out of the public eye, so you can have a conversation in a private chat about what went wrong and how you can rectify this if needed. This puts you back in control of the situation, and avoids discussions getting heated in front of the rest of your audience. By showing you can calmly deal with this situation, you’ll be able to keep your reputation at bay and show your audience that you’re genuinely committed to making their experience much better

Dealing With Fake Reviews 

You may not expect people to give you fake reviews, but they can be more common than you think. Fake reviews are exactly what they say – untrue and often negative comments left to damage your business. Some companies choose to manage fake reviews like they do with bad reviews or try to ignore them, but neither of these methods are the most effective ways to deal with this style of reviews. Instead, if the customer has a name, you can search your data base and find if this person has ever made a purchase from you. If they haven’t, and you can confirm their review is fake, leave a professional response stating that their comments aren’t real and mention how you know this. Clearly acknowledging that a review isn’t real will help you further with reputation management and assuring that your business isn’t being swamped by damaging comments from those who have never used your business before. 
Reviews are a big part of building presence online and can help drive a customer’s purchasing decision. Get your customers to begin leaving reviews today and get a strategy in place that’ll help you manage your business online. 
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