Many business owners have heard about the importance of using Facebook. Whether you are a business who already integrates online marketing into your campaigns, or you are just starting to use social media in your business, there are always new facts to learn, in order to build a following, increase visibility, improve branding, communicate with and engage fans, and even drive traffic and leads. 
To learn more about how to use Facebook for business, keep reading on as we are going to discuss the top 5 do’s and don’ts. 
1. Do use recognisable photos 
Make sure that any image added to your profile represents your business to strengthen your brand identity, such as; your business logo, products or services that you want your business to be known for. The photo must represent your business even at first glance. 
Bring recognised is important to getting found and liked. Your profile picture is at the top of your page and is used as your thumbnail for all your posts and comments, so choose wisely. 
2. Do use the Facebook Insights feature 
Facebook’s Insights tool shows you the number of people who view and click each of your posts. It is important to review these insights to learn what your audience likes and dislikes. Then, you are able to can tailor your content strategy to post more of what works and less of what doesn’t. 
3. Do post consistently 
Posting consistently will allow your business to stay in front of your audience and keep growing. Try starting at one post a day experiment from there and remember to share a variety of content, such as; testimonials, industry related resources, blog posts and more. 
By being consistent with your followers, you will build loyal advocates; ultimately, affecting your sales and engagement. 
4. Do respond to inquiries fast 
It is essential to make sure that all inquiries are responded to immediately. A comment or direct message should never be left unattended, especially complaints and issues that need an immediate fix. 
Responding to questions of customers must be done in a timely fashion so customers would realise how much you value them. 
5. Do add a Call to Action 
Make it super easy for followers to get in contact with your business with a call to action button. Call to action buttons include; “call now”, “book now”, “send message”, “shop now”, “sign up”, and “visit website”. The goal of these phrases is to alert potential clients and customers that what you offer is something they should consider if they are interested. 
1. Don’t leave any information blank 
One thing a customer will look into when visiting your Facebook account is your business information such as your contact details and services you offer. It is important that all these fields are filled with correct information to ensure your customers will not leave your page and look for a competitor. Not being able to fill in all fields is a sign of irresponsible management, which can give your business a bad reputation. 
2. Post too often 
Facebook may tag you as spam if your account is posting too often. You should only post when needed and make sure that you time it right. Posting too often is not the best way to make your business visible. 
Research shows that companies with fewer than 10,000 Facebook followers receive 60% fewer interactions per post when they post 60+ times per month. So, don't overwhelm your customers by posting more than a few times per day. 
3. Don’t post low-quality images 
Since Facebook is a very visual space, high-quality images are essential. Today, people scrolling through social media have an attention span of seconds. As a result, imagery is SO important in social media, it allows you to grab the attention of a social media user, and to control how you are perceived by your target customers. 
4. Don’t post irrelevant content 
Your posts should relate to your audience’s interest and with your provided services. Your content is key and it is everything so you should get created and approached and do never post irrelevant content for the sake of sharing and engagement reasons. 
5. Don’t argue with unsatisfied customers 
Do not argue with unsatisfied customers, as it fuels up the public dispute and makes you and your business look less professional. Try to communicate privately through mail or direct message about public complaints and guide them gently to resolve the matter. 
After reading these do’s and don’ts we hope you know have a better understanding of using facebook for your business. 
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