Facebook has over 3 billion active users, so advertising your business through Facebook ads is a great way for you to advertise to new audiences and grow your business page. You can really target the people you want to attract to your business and find potential new clients 

Facebook Ads Management with 22:22 Marketing 

We will create and manage your Facebook Ads so you can advertise your business without having to worry about spending time on it yourself. 
Our Service includes: 
• Discussion of Your Business and Campaign Goals 
• Creation of your Facebook ads 
• Ad copy written 
• Creation of an eye-catching Graphic 
• Targeting of your specified audience 
• Analysis of the results on a week-by-week basis 
• Review and recommendation of any changes to improve the performance. 
• Necessary tweaks made, if needed from analysis. 

Our Comprehesive Facebook Ads Management Service 

Micro-targeting your audience will allow you to draw in new customers who fit the demographic your business is aimed towards. Precise target audiences mean you can refine your audience and make sure you’re advertising to the people most likely to interact with your business, improving your growth. 
You can choose a specific goal you want to achieve when advertising. Being able to select what you want to prioritise will provide you with the exact engagement that you want. 
Specific objectives will help you increase brand awareness, consideration of your business and even conversions. Getting the option to choose where you want to drive users to when they see your ad will help you grow in the areas that you’ve specified as important for your business to Facebook. 
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Why Choose 22:22 Marketing for your Facebook Ads Management? 

If you choose to create your Facebook ads with us, we’ll follow your requirements to make sure you’re getting the best adverts for your business. You select how much you want to spend and how you’d like the Ads to look, the areas you’d like to target and we’ll do the rest. 
In our Facebook ad package, you’ll receive: the ad creation, the copywriting for your ad, audience and placement targeting, week by week analysis of the results, tweaks made based on the analysis and reviews and recommendations will be made and discussed to help you grow further. 
Instead of figuring it out for yourself and spending time trying to work out what will be best for your business, hand it over to us – we know how to create a successful Facebook Ad, and what strategies to use in order to get you results. 
Frequently Asked Questions 
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Yes, when you choose 22:22 Marketing, we can take a look at any previous Ads you may have run or are running, and see what tweaks can be made in order to improve their performance. 
We can use the copy/graphics that you may already have created and implement these into your Ad if you wish for us to do so. 
PPC (pay-per-click) is one of the most popular types of online advertising, it’s an effective way to achieve your business goals. FB advertising gives your business the opportunity to reach your exact audience and sell directly to them, based on their age, interests, behaviour and location. Businesses who can successfully implement Facebook ads into their marketing strategy can significantly grow their business. 
Facebook offers in-depth analytics to show where your money is going. These analytics show a lot of insights into the performance of your ad campaign and allow you to truly understand your ROI (return of investment). 
Facebook ads can be difficult to understand and effectively manage, however we have been running successful campaigns for several years now, so we have become experts in the field and know how to optimise them accordingly. 
It’s important to find the best fit partner to work with your business on Facebook advertising, so here are the top 5 reasons why 22:22 Marketing is the best choice for you: 
1. We stay on top of the most recent Facebook advertising trends and invests in ongoing training for our team to master new tactics. 
2. We are transparent with our pricing and deliverables. 
3. We respond promptly and communicate clearly to any queries you may have. 
4. We provide you with insight to grow your business 
5. We have the experience you need to develop successful campaigns that drive revenue. 
As the customer, you may have as much or as little impact as you want, relating to the targeting, ad copy or graphics etc. 
Yes, this is included in the Facebook ads management package. Our team will ensure that everything is created for the advert and each ad we create for you has a great looking image that’s designed to convert. 
Yes, Facebook lets you select when to start running your ad and when you’d like it to end. 
We want you to get the best results from your Facebook ad, and having the right audience is key to this process. If you’re not sure on what you can micro-target, or who exactly your audience is, we can help you discover factors that may point you in the right direction when it comes to Facebook Ad targeting so that you’ll get the best conversions out of your advert. 
Outsourcing your FB ads to 22:22 Marketing is an excellent option if you’re looking to: 
• Save time on marketing your business 
• Optimise ad clicks, spend, and conversions 
• Create successful Facebook advertising campaigns 
• Grow your brand awareness 
• Get expert advice from a Facebook advertising experts 
• Compete with competitors 
The Facebook ad spend will be handled by yourself. This is a simple process of adding your payment details into your Facebook account, we can help you with this if required 
You will need to have a Facebook business page to create an advertisement. It is also beneficial to have at least a few posts per week being published on that account to ensure you appear active and engaged on Facebook. 
Get in touch today with any queries and we will be sure to get back to you 
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