Fed up of hearing about clients who outsourced their social media and got poor service. 
Irrelevant content 
Posts with no value 
No engagement or reach 
No contact with client to find needs 
No consistency 
No strategy 
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Outsourcing has been done wrong for far too long. Its time for change 
Proven techniques that actually work 
Content to show your expertise & knowledge 
Regular chats to ensure correct message 
Consistency in message & tone 
Guaranteed increase in reach & engagement 
Money back guarantee 
From as little as £249 a month you can have your social media pages (Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn) managed for you so you can concentrate on doing the job you love. You'll get the content created, posted and shared to relevant targeted groups where your ideal clients are looking. We'll even connect you with your ideal customer on LinkedIn! All this allowing you to just sit back and not worry 
You’ll get the growth, reach, engagement and visibility you desire without having to create the content yourself. 
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With 22:22 Marketing, you’re guaranteed to get excellent service, consistent communication and most importantly, results for your business. We will ensure: 
Regular Contact – We’ll keep you updated on the current ways we’re managing your social media, and will make sure to quickly respond to any questions or changes you may have from us 
Guaranteed results – We’ve seen the results from doing it ourselves, and want to apply that knowledge to your business. We use techniques that have been proven to maximise reach and engagement, including following analytics to discover when the optimal times to post are, to increase your brand awareness and sales. 
Consistency – posts will be consistent, and will follow the structure you set out to us. Whatever time or day you want your posts to go up, we will do it. We have a minimum of 3 posts a week we can do, and these posts will remain consistent across platforms. Your audience will also not notice a difference in the switch between your social media management, and 22:22 Marketing, as we’ll make sure to stick to your writing style and brand voice. 
Strategy – We’ll help you create a strategy for your social media if you don’t already have one, or modify your current strategy, so you can fully maximise and optimise the potential of social media marketing. 
We’ll keep in regular contact with you to ensure we’re meeting the requirements you have previously outlined to us. 
Consistent visibility is key if you want your business to survive. By outsourcing your social media, you’ll get the content you request created, designed and posted for you a minimum of 3 times a week. We’ll follow all your brands guidelines, directions and will make sure to regularly keep in contact with you to ensure we’re on the right path. 
From just £249 a month you can have your social media pages (Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn) managed by us, for you. If you let us help you, you’ll begin to see rapid results.Many businesses find that they don’t have time in their day to run their social media, and having the weight of knowing you have to control these pages yourself can be stressful, and lead to them being neglected over time as you focus on other important elements of your business. 
Outsourcing your social media pages will give you the extra time to run and grow your business. However, a lot of businesses find that they don’t receive the results they want when choosing to outsource, due to poor communication and service. 
22:22 Marketing review
We understand the power of a strong social media presence, and understand the importance of having a consistent social media feed that displays your expertise and knowledge about your industry. When your social approach is aligned across platforms, you’ll be able to build your brand and audience through multiple channels – maximising the reach and engagement you wouldn’t be able to find if you started to struggle with managing social media alongside your business alone. 
We can create posts that inspire, educate and inform, bring you maximum engagement, boost your audience and that increase brand awareness. Connecting you with customers and other industry leads will help you build relationships that can form the foundations of a future successful business. 
Our starting price is just £249 a month. With this, you can have your social media pages (Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn) managed by us, for you – it’s that simple. 
If you let us help you, you’ll begin to see rapid results. 
Contact our team today and see how we can help you business thrive 
Should we schedule a call? 
If you are eager to start getting results from social media, it would be worth booking in a call via the form below. The only criteria to keep in mind would be: 
• You are investing for the future - results from social media marketing accelerate over time. So, the best returns will be seen by those businesses wanting to invest in social media as part of their long-term strategy. 
• You want more visibility and more brand awareness for your business 
• You want to sell your product or service directly to your customers on a variety of platforms. 
• You want your post that show your expertise and value. 
Frequently Asked Questions 
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As your social media is managed, you will see an improvement in followers, engagement, website traffic and conversions. All of these metrics influence sales in the long-term. 
We start out by learning about your business and finding out who your customers are. We will then have one of our team members create the content and graphics, where you will get chance to review all created content, should you wish. 
Proper use of social media, will save you time and help you concentrate on your core business. Outsourcing your social media to experts such as Chris London Online, will allow your content to be planned, created and published, while also showing regular reports of your social media success rate. 
Strategy planning, making quality posts and running consistent social media posts takes time. If you outsource it to experts, your goals can be met in a less time compared to the time that it would have taken, if managed by you independently. 
If you are ready to get started, contact us. We will then identify the best plan of action and develop a proposal for you. Upon your approval, we will send you an email with what we need from yourselves and then we can agreed on a convenient start date to get your started with our social media outsourcing. 
We currently manage Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. You can choose how many you wish for us to manage. 
Your information, personal data and company reputation will be dealt with with the utmost respect, care and professionalism. We have numerous testimonials available on our website and social media pages, so you can find out what other companies thought about our services. 
With social media marketing, you are able to; create and develop a brand awareness, easily monitor competitors and customers, bring attention and buzz to your service and product, boost customer trust and loyalty, easily conduct market research, get in touch with your customers in a personalised way and finally, market effectively without spending too much. 
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