Are you looking to generate new leads for your Leicester business, increase traffic to your core site and move current leads down the sales funnel? 
Facebook has over 2 billion daily active users; meaning it makes sense for your business to use the platform. With 200 million small-medium sized businesses using Facebook and currently over 6 million businesses using Facebook Ads to reach their target audiences there certainly is a big reason to choose Facebook as one of your main marketing channels. 
Facebook Ads help many businesses located in Leicester get more visibility, boost traffic to a targeted site and keep your audience engaged. Facebook Ads also help your marketing strategy reach a new audience or market you never knew existed. Ultimately, if you advertise on Facebook, customers will get to know your brand, products, or services in a click of a button. 
Done right, Facebook Ads Management can acquire new customers, build better brand awareness and  
achieve huge results for your business! 
Our Facebook Ads Management Package Includes: 
Discussion of Your Business and Campaign Goals. 
Creation of your Facebook Ad. 
Ad copy written. 
Creation of an eye-catching Graphic. 
Targeting of your specified audience. 
Analysis of the results on a week-by-week basis. 
Review and recommendation of any changes to improve the performance. 
Necessary tweaks made, if needed from analysis, to improve results further. 
The main reason companies outsource is to reduces employment costs and other overhead expenses by up to 70%. However, while you are saving money, this doesn’t mean that you will settle for useless outputs and performances. 
Leading outsourcing providers like 22:22 Marketing ensure that your remote team will be made of excellent, skilled, and dedicated individuals that are perfectly suitable for their respective roles. 
I phone showing the Facebook log in screen
Facebook website link on a screen
Facebook Ads offer a range of options to advertise your business. The various ad types give you the opportunity to work out which would be the best to choose in order to appeal to your main audience. From photo, video, and story ads to messenger and carousel adverts, you are not limited to a certain ad type. 
One of the many benefits of Facebook Ads is that they give businesses opportunities to engage with their audiences. This will lead to more growth, a higher retention rate, and eventually more sales, all because you used Facebook ads to establish better relationships. 
Overall, Facebook Ads Management will help your business grow in the areas you need them to, as well as draw in brand new people to your business page. 
Outsource your Facebook Ads Management to 22:22 Marketing today and begin seeing results almost instantly. 
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