Are you located in Sheffield and looking to improve your social media marketing to keep the work coming in, but don't have the time to do it yourself? 
Social media marketing can often become an afterthought. Something that gets done if you have time at the end of the day, or if a spare 5 or 10 minutes crops up in the diary. But really marketing your business should be planned and strategic. Marketing your business is the most important thing you need to do and your social media plan should be prioritised. Getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time is vital to increasing the visibility or your business. 
So, if you find yourself struggling for time to market your business or just generally not enjoying it, then outsourcing your work to 22:22 Marketing will allow you to get all the marketing you need without having to lift a finger. You can do your day job safe in the knowledge your marketing is being done for you. 
Social media marketing involves pushing content without paid promotion to engage with your current audience, show your personality and build long lasting relationships. Organic content also refers to the unique ways of creating, value-added content for your audience, including; posts, photos, videos, and stories etc, that are all shared by users. 
It’s essential to have social media content for your business if you plan to advertise online. It allows you to build and maintain a positive online presence, generate brand awareness and establish your industry expertise through your content. You can also establish trust and build a community of like-minded people who can learn from you, help you grow and encourage others to join your business journey. 
The team at 22:22 Marketing have the expertise, tools and knowledge to make this happen. 
There are many "gurus" and "experts" out there. But I have personally got the results from my own background and been there and done it. My experience and knowledge comes from selling over 14,000 products on social media and selling over £300k from a single £20 product. 
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Do you have a plan in place for your social media? 
Is there a strategy in place? 
Do you have the time to implement a social media marketing strategy? 
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When it comes to posting on social media, creating and implementing a strategy is one of the main problems many businesses face. By outsourcing your social media to 22:22 Marketing, your pages will be managed, meaning you don't have to spend time thinking what write and where to post it. Targeted posts will be created, aimed at your ideal clients to ensure you get seen by the people you want to work with. A strategy will be created and implemented by a social media expert who has personally sold over £1/4 million on Facebook alone, meaning the method is tried and tested and you will get the right results. We guarantee results! If your reach doesn't increase in your first month, we will refund the month meaning its risk free. 
Inevitably some tasks get put to the bottom of the to do list. 
Social media marketing is unfortunately one of those tasks. 
Marketing, however, should be one of the main focuses of your business, not posting on social media can be recipe for disaster and cause you to disappear off the radar of your ideal clients and suddenly then work drys up. 
Outsource today and we GUARANTEE increased overall online presence, brand awareness, sales and enquiries! 
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