LinkedIn is the perfect place for business who are looking for a professional platform to market on. With 722 million users, then it’s clear there’s a wide and diverse audience that can be reached by marketing your business effectively on there. 
However, it can often be neglected as businesses focus on there more audience-based platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. LinkedIn however can be powerful and important platform for your business if it’s used correctly, and you market in the correct way on it. 
Here are some tips that you can follow to make your business stand out on LinkedIn, and have it become a big part of your marketing strategy. 
What Are Your Goals? 
Firstly, you need to work out what your goal is for using LinkedIn. Is it to reach a wider, professional audience alongside your targeted one on other platforms, or is it to create new business connections? Whatever it is, you need a clear strategy. Just like one you’d make for other social media sites your business is present on, LinkedIn isn’t any different. It still has your competitors on there, your target audience and the added extra of experts in your industry that could become a connection. You need to utilise all its features to make it a substantial part of your business’s social media strategy. 
Share Engaging, Useful Content 
Content that evokes a response from your audience is important on all social media platforms. Just because LinkedIn is more professional, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to speak to your audience or share things that interest them. Sharing posts from within your industry that relate to your target audiences’ interests and what’s currently trending for them will help people relate your business as one that is for them and keeps them in mind. The content you share needs to have value, as it’s not as casual as say Facebook is. You can still show personality, just don’t go all out with content that is irrelevant. 
You can write blog posts within LinkedIn, which means it’s there and readily available for your audience to read without having to click a link and go off platform. This keeps them fully focused on your business without getting distracted when they leave the app. 
Conversing with the people who interact with your content will help you build strong connections that can help you on your journey to becoming a successful business owner. 
LinkedIn Groups 
LinkedIn Groups will help you connect with likeminded individuals within your industry and discover the latest trending topics. This will be an important stage in your networking on social media and you can create great connections with other business owners and your audience alike. Joining groups that are relevant to your business and your target audience, and being active in those groups, will put you on the radar of its members and can convert to new clients/customers. 
You can also create your own group for your selected target audience, but you must make sure that you’re interacting in them in order to keep its members engaged with what your business focuses on. 
Keep An Eye on Your LinkedIn Analytics 
Making sure that you’re monitoring your analytics is a big part of any social media and can really help you modify your content or switch it up so you’re reaching your target audience. These analytics will also help you to see if you’re achieving the goals that you originally set out in your marketing strategy, and if you’re not, you can review your account and find out the reason why you aren’t. Monitoring analytics regularly will help you stay on top of correctly marketing your business on social media. 
Optimise Your Company Page 
You need to make use of all LinkedIn’s features. Making your LinkedIn look as professional and interesting as possible will build trust with your audience. They want to know what your experience is and if you’re a business or person that will be reliable if they’re looking to invest in whatever it is you’re offering to them. 
You can share positive reviews that you’ve received and recommendations, that have been provided by former clients. Your company page will be the place that those new to your business will go to find out about your business, so giving them all the relevant information that they need when they’re on your page will be vital in getting customers to believe in your company and what it is offering. 
Follow Topics and Hashtags 
Topics and Hashtags will give you insights into the latest trending topics in your industry and can give you great ideas for content. 
You can also use these topics and hashtags to promote your own content. When you post something under a topic or hashtag, it will be displayed to those that follow it, which is another great way to get your business out in front of users and make them aware of who you are. 
LinkedIn Marketing is something that you should be focused on, as it can provide you with strong connections and will give your business a professional platform online, that your target audience will be sure to check out before they decide that your business is the one for them. Start creating your strategy and following these tips today and you’ll see it become an important part of your social media strategy. 
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