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Creating a business page on Facebook is the first step to beginning your journey into digital marketing and growing your social media into a viable avenue to sell and promote your product/services to a wider client base. 
You need to make sure your Facebook business page is perfect so that it will become successful and will be able to become a big part of your social media marketing strategy. 
Here are some ways to make sure your business page will work for your business, and how to optimise it to its full potential.  
In the last year, video content has started making a huge impact on social media. Apps such as TikTok have given new life to a once formulaic, algorithm-based cycle that saw many businesses lose or find it difficult to get views online.  
By 2022, online videos are likely to make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic, which is 15 times higher than in 2017. Therefore, now more than ever is the time to start developing video content for your business.  
Here are just some of the reasons why you need to start producing content in 2022. 
Social media has become an essential part for businesses in all industries, by using both organic and paid social media within your marketing strategy you will easily accelerate your company’s growth and ultimately create a winning formula. 
Integrating organic and paid social media is extremely beneficial as it allows your audience to feel like they are a part of a community, engage with their favourite brands, allowing you to build relationships with customers and ultimately increase sales. 
Below are some of the benefits of organic and paid social media, and how you can use both to your advantage. 
When you create a Facebook group for your followers to join and interact in, you want to be able to use it as a part of your marketing strategy. Facebook Groups will be a collective of some of your most loyal customers and some new ones who are interested in the content you’re sharing with group members. 
There is no point in creating a Facebook Group for your business if you’re not planning on building relationships with the people that are in it – you need to make your clients feel valued and respected for the support they’re giving you. 
Here are some ways you can create relationships in Facebook groups, and why you need to maintain them. 
When you’re planning to set up your business’ profile up on social media, you must consider two things – which social media site would be best, and how many platforms should you use for your business. 
Many businesses will be on social media across most platforms, but often, unless they’re big-brand companies with hundreds if not thousands of team members, that at least one of their social media platforms will be neglected. 
There are many things that go into advertising your business on social media, and the main thing you should consider are the demographics of these sites. 
If you’re looking to generate leads and build up clients from LinkedIn, one of the best ways to do this is by making sure you’re searching exactly for the people you have set out to target. 
There are many ways that you can find your ideal LinkedIn Client by searching for them. Here are just some of the things you can do to discover them and create a strong client base. 
Who Is Your Ideal Client? 
Your ideal client will be the target audience that you originally planned to target in your initial marketing plan. This will be the group of people that is suited the most to your brand, and what you design all of your copy and content styles towards so that you’re reaching them. 
If you’re trying to attract people to piece of content or blog post you have written, you need to make sure your headline is intriguing and compelling enough to attract the audience’s attention. If you want people to click on your content and do further reading, then your headline needs to have some impact on your audience. 
8/10 people will read a headline, but only 2/10 will click it. Headlines can and will increase your traffic, and therefore your SEO and ranking, if they’re engaging enough to persuade more than 2 people to click on your content and read it. Here are some ways that you can create a Powerful Headline for your online content. 
Facebook is now one of the most popular marketing platforms on the planet. As the social platform has grown to more than 2.7 billion active users, it’s also expanded its advertising network to suit a wide range of businesses. 
Facebook ads are paid messages that businesses place on Facebook. These ads allow you to reach the people who matter most to you, the people who can benefit your business the most. 
Creating an ad on Facebook is very different from posting on your personal page. Everything about Facebook ads, from the wording you use to the people you target play a key role in the amount of traffic they drive to your site and the amount of awareness they get in front of your targeted customers. 
Split testing, also referred to as A/B testing, is a controlled experiment used for improving metrics such as; clicks, conversions, or purchases. Split testing is an effective tool commonly used in digital marketing and product research that involves creating a new version of your web page, email, or ad with a small change to see what really makes a difference in driving more sales or traffic and how it impacts the overall results. If your business doesn’t split test before making final changes or other important decisions involving your marketing campaign, you’re relying on guesswork which is extremely ineffective. 
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