Social media has become an essential part for businesses in all industries, by using both organic and paid social media within your marketing strategy you will easily accelerate your company’s growth and ultimately create a winning formula. 
Integrating organic and paid social media is extremely beneficial as it allows your audience to feel like they are a part of a community, engage with their favourite brands, allowing you to build relationships with customers and ultimately increase sales. 
Below are some of the benefits of organic and paid social media, and how you can use both to your advantage. 
Organic Social Media 
Organic social media involves pushing content without paid promotion to engage with your current audience, show your personality and build long lasting relationships. Organic content also refers to the unique ways of creating, value-added content for your audience, including; posts, photos, videos, and stories etc, that are all shared by users, including a variety of businesses. 
It’s essential to have organic social media content for your business if you plan to advertise online. On the other hand, if you don’t, there are still many reasons why organic social posting is important to utilise for your business. 
Benefits of Organic Social Media 
It is essential for your brand as it allows you to build and maintain a positive online presence. 
Organic social media helps you generate brand awareness and establish industry expertise through your content. 
You can also establish trust and build a community of like-minded people who can learn from you, help you grow and encourage others to join your business journey. 
Organic social media is a very cost effective method, as it doesn’t require you to pay for your posts, like paid advertising does. 
Organic social media offers you another way to interact with your customers through providing customer service online. Whether it’s a comment or a private message, people will send you questions or comments through your social media pages, and this gives you the opportunity to respond and provide a high level of customer service. 
With this type of content, you can listen to your audience, acknowledge their observations to make improvements to overall benefit your business. 
Paid Social Media 
Paid posts are the best way for brands to target new audiences on social media, and convert them into customers. Research shows that 83% of businesses currently use social media advertising to connect and engage with their target markets. 
Paid posts involve businesses spending money on certain social media platforms, such as; Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc, in order to share content to a specific audience who are likely to be interested in the advertisement, either through boosting their organic content, or designing a unique advertisement campaign. 
Paid social media also helps enhance brand visibility and can get you to reach certain goals. Some of these include increasing website traffic, brand awareness, engagement, conversion and many more. 
Benefits of Paid Social Media 
Running paid ads allows you to reach a larger audience at a low cost. Being cost-effective is such an advantage because you can see a greater ROI and maintain a certain budget for other expenses. 
Paid targeting can be very specific and allow you to reach relevant users who are interested in your brand and fit the demographics of your target audience. Targeting typically includes; interests, job titles, keywords, geography, demographics, and many more. 
Implementing a paid social media strategy will increase your brand awareness since you will be engaging with a wider audience. 
Paid social media can help you re-engage with existing customers or followers and allow you to build customer audiences based on customer information that your business already owns. 
Paid social media is just another effective way to generate leads and increase sales. 
For your social media marketing strategy to be most effective, both organic and paid posts are needed. So, integrate your paid and organic social strategies to strengthen connections with existing customers and reach new ones and your efforts will be noticed. If you need any help deciding which platforms to use or how to develop a paid or organic campaign that helps grow your marketing, then Chris London Online can help, from outsourcing your organic posts to managing and creating Facebooks paid ads
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