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Many business owners have heard about the importance of using Facebook. Whether you are a business who already integrates online marketing into your campaigns, or you are just starting to use social media in your business, there are always new facts to learn, in order to build a following, increase visibility, improve branding, communicate with and engage fans, and even drive traffic and leads. 
To learn more about how to use Facebook for business, keep reading on as we are going to discuss the top 5 do’s and don’ts. 
Selecting a campaign goal is the first step you take when setting up Facebook Ads. There are currently 11 different Facebook campaign objectives available and deciding on the appropriate campaign is one of the most challenging parts of the process. The objective you select conveys information to Facebook about your campaign goals and what action you want people to take after they have seen your ad. 
Facebook breaks objectives up into three categories; awareness, consideration and conversion, with various options under each, as shown below: 
One of the most important things you can do when your start growing a social media audience is build trust in your business. Without trust, your audience may not engage with your business. If they don’t feel like they believe in your business or your products/services then they won’t be making purchases and becoming a part of your audience. 
A survey by PwC found that 35% of respondents noted ‘trust in a brand’ as a top 3 reason that influences their purchasing decision. Therefore, it’s important that you build this trust with your customers as soon as possible. 
Here are some tips that will help you build trust on social media. 
High Quality Content 
How good is the content you’re posting? Your content needs to have some value if you want to build trust with your audience. 
In order to start creating high quality content, you need to make sure you understand your audience. What do they like, what are they engaging with on social media, what are their interests etc. If you understand who your audience are, you’ll be able to create content that is perfectly targeted towards them. 
Facebook groups are a place to communicate about shared interests and express opinions with certain people. Groups let people come together around a common cause, issue, or activity to organise, express objectives, discuss issues, post photos, and share related content. Any individual can create and manage a Facebook group, you can even join up to 6,000 other groups. 
Having a successful group will allow you to share your knowledge and expertise, as well as provide a more personal engagement to your members, drive focused attention to a call to action, build trust by providing value and receive immediate feedback from polls and questions. 
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