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If you’re marketing your business on social media, then it can be hard to keep up when you have other competing priorities to focus on. Therefore, a content calendar would be the ideal tool to use if you’re looking to get an idea of your schedule, and when you should be posting you content. 
Creating a content calendar from scratch may take some time as you work out the style of content you’re putting out and how it performs on your business ages, but it can be a valuable resource for you and your team in the long run. 
Here’s how you can create a content calendar. 
When it comes to posting on your business page, you need to make sure you’re doing it at the times and on the days that get you the most engagement. 
However, many small businesses won’t have a dedicated social media team available to create and post content at these specific times. That’s why scheduling tools are an ideal choice if you don’t have the time in the day to make sure you’re logging on and posting at the right moment. 
A lot of brands use scheduling tools to post on social media no matter how big or small they may be, so you should consider using them for your business too. 
What Are Scheduling Tools? 
Scheduling tools allow you to schedule your content ahead of time, so that it goes up at the time you need it to, without you needing to log on and post yourself. These tools will allow you to pick a date and time for your content, so that it posts even when you’re doing other work. This will ensure you’re still posting at the optimal times, without needing to worry about taking time out to do it yourself. 
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