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So you’ve set up your business page on Instagram, now you need to grow your following. 
Gaining followers on Instagram helps your page become more visible, and boosts your traffic and potential sales on the platform (should you choose to use this feature). 
If you’re looking to use Instagram as a big part of your social media marketing strategy, then here are some tips on how you can increase your followers on Instagram. 
Having trust in your business on social media is key to creating a successful platform and marketing strategy. If your followers are able to trust you, believe in what you’re saying and know your products/services are legitimate and have worked for others, you’ll be on track to creating social media marketing success. 
If you’re interested in how you can get your potential followers to have trust in you and your business, here are ways you can build trust on social media. 
There’s been quite a few new updates in the world of social media this March, so let’s take a look at what changes and new features have been introduced! 
YouTube Shorts Update 
YouTube has announced that creators of Shorts can now directly respond to comments using a Short – much like the feature on TikTok, allowing the same thing. 
Therefore, instead of replying with text, users can keep the content chain flowing by responding via a Short instead. 
YouTube will also be rolling out ‘data stories’, which have analytics suggestions for community posts, offering deeper insight into their performance. 
If you’re sending emails to your clients, you’ll want them to open them. However, there are many reasons why your open rate and clickthrough rate is low when it comes to your email marketing, which if optimised, could really provide you with another platform that brings you success. 
If you’ve been struggling with your email marketing, then here are some simple tips that can help to improve your open and clickthrough rate. 
On your social media, you have the ability to tell stories to your audience that will get them engaged, allow them to learn more about your business and communicate you message and business values. 
Stories aren’t just limited to what we read in books or watch in films, they’re powerful narratives that help to convey information to an audience and inspire them 
Social Media storytelling allows you to tell stories about a product, service, your brand – whatever you deem necessary to captivate the audience’s attention. You’ll be able to tell your followers what your brand is all about in a way that isn’t just a sales pitch. 
Here’s why telling stories on social media is so powerful. 
Building your own Facebook Group around your business is a great way to boost your presence on the platform and really retain those loyal followers. 
Starting your Facebook Group means you need to find ways to help it grow into something that works successfully for your business – especially if social media marketing is a huge part of drawing in customers for your products and services. 
Facebook Groups offer you a wide range of opportunities to expand your network, offer exclusives to group members and build stronger relationships with your followers. 
Here’s how to build and grow a successful Facebook Group. 
Organic Traffic has started to see a decrease on social media due to changes in algorithms, paid promotions and social media SEO keeping your content displayed to a small percentage of your followers until it starts attracting engagement. 
This doesn’t mean however that getting organic social media reach is an impossible task for your business, after all, many small businesses can’t prioritise or afford to use paid services to boost their reach and engagement. 
Here’s some ways how you can increase your organic social media reach. 
If you’ve started a social media account for your business, you’re going to need content that gets the audience to engage. Your content must be relevant, and if you’re designing graphics alongside it, they must have some relation to your brand’s style, colour and have a design that stands out from other businesses in your industry. 
Content must bring value to your audience, show your industry expertise, and be 100% original to your business’ social media. 
If you’re struggling for content, here are some ideas that will engage your audience and get them interacting with your social media. 
A Facebook Business Page is a great tool to use if you’re looking to set yourself up on social media. You’ll have everything you need to grow your business on Facebook at your fingertips, including access to things such as Facebook Ads and Facebook Shop, which can prove vital to your success in future. 
Facebook has over 2.9 Billion monthly users, therefore using it to promote your business, and doing it right, can have great rewards for you. 
Here’s how to create a Facebook Business Page. 
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