Organic Traffic has started to see a decrease on social media due to changes in algorithms, paid promotions and social media SEO keeping your content displayed to a small percentage of your followers until it starts attracting engagement. 
This doesn’t mean however that getting organic social media reach is an impossible task for your business, after all, many small businesses can’t prioritise or afford to use paid services to boost their reach and engagement. 
Here’s some ways how you can increase your organic social media reach. 
Know Where Your Audience Is 
You know your target audience the best, and therefore you’ll know what social media platforms they will be likely to frequent the most. This will help you find the biggest audience pool, and narrow down which social media sites that you plan to focus your attention on the most. 
You can find your audience’s most popular social media sources by looking at your competitors, the shares to social platform’s from your blog post, and ask in a survey or email what platforms the audience already engaging with you are using the most. 
Optimise Your Social Media Profile 
You need to make sure your social media profile is perfectly created to achieve better visibility and engagement. Your profile needs to represent your business, and it has to be recognisable that people know they’re interacting with you. You have to also make sure this applies to all of your posts too – brand recognition is so important to keeping your audience engaged, and they should know exactly who and what they’re engaging with. 
Post Interesting Content 
No doubt some industries will have more interesting content available to post than others, but this is where you need to get creative. Problem solving, humour, educational or even emotional content are all good ways to make your content intriguing instead of dry. You have to consider your brand voice however, as if this is completely different to how you present yourself on other platforms or on other posts it may cause confusion for the audience. 
Posting more isn’t going to help with organic reach either – high quality and relevant content is the most important thing to prioritise – you can use your analytics to see what content is working the best for you, on what days and at what frequency, and start implementing this in future social media content strategies. Hours that seem quieter will see your post less likely to be pushed down by the algorithm – although it’s best to stay aware of your audience’s peak activity times too. 
You’ll know from your analytics too what type of content peaks the audiences interests the most – on Facebook, video content has the best chance at organic reach, and if your analytics show that this kind of content is working for you, it’s best to utilise it to it’s full potential. Don’t solely focus your efforts on it, but if it’s the one bringing you the most engagement it’s best to ensure you have that side of your content fully realised and optimised for the best chances at organic reach. 
Use Targeting 
Targeting based on your audience by changing your post settings can help to boost your organic reach. Facebook allows targeting for: gender, age, relationship, status, education, location, language, interests, and a posts ‘end date’, which all help you to reach those who are most likely to engage with you. Hashtags will also help with targeting, as it will put your post into a ‘category’ per say, that will appear under that hashtag on your social media platforms. 
Promote Your Social Profiles 
Put social buttons on your website, add in links on your blog posts, and promote across other social platforms to grow your audience and get people engaging with your content when it begins appearing on their feed. Gaining a bigger audience can help your engagement and reach grow organically. 
Engage With Your Audience 
Replying back to audience comments and encouraging their interaction will help with your organic reach. This is because the algorithm will notice that there’s a significant volume of engagement on your posts, and will push it more onto other’s timelines. 
Interacting with your audience will also help, as you’ll be building a relationship with them which will help with their loyalty and encourage them to comment and interact with you more often. 
Getting your social media set up and gaining organic reach can be a lengthy process, but the key is to keep going and work out the best processes and practices for your social media campaigns. If you try implementing these tips to your social media, you’ll begin to see a better organic reach on your online content. 
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