Video is the ultimate marketing tool, it allows businesses to be concise, unique, and capture viewer's interests in the first few seconds. Video content should ideally be between 1-2 minutes long. Long enough to maintain the viewer's attention but short enough to leave them wanting more. This length can engage distracted customers, encourage followers to act, draw out powerful emotions, help build trust, build brand awareness, and more. 
A video puts a face to a name and allows your audience to see the genuine nature of your business. People like buying from people if they have confidence in you that hugely increases their likelihood to buy from you. Video is one of the top shared pieces of content on social media. 
It’s estimated that the average person will consume more than 100 minutes of online video per day, that’s the equivalent of watching 25 videos per day! 
When creating video for your business remember you don’t need a production crew, huge budget, actors, or special skills. You can grow your business and reach more people by creating inexpensive, high-impact videos, simply just on your phone. 
Pre-recorded vs live content 
Live and pre-recorded content offer unique value to the viewer and can increase engagement depending on how you run it. 
When deciding whether your video should be live or pre-recorded, consider what you want to achieve. Are you trying to engage your audience or present information? Is expressing your brand’s authenticity more important, or creating a wow factor? Does the content require mobility or a professional and polished delivery? 
Live Content 
Live video content is streaming live from your chosen platform (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) and interacting with your followers in real-time. Live broadcasts offer a great tool to gain more exposure through your video content. This makes the video content “raw” and “unedited”, which provides viewers a chance to connect more intimately with the content. 
Live footage also has a chance of showing aspects of a company that viewers don’t normally get to see. Because of this, high-quality live streaming has shown more genuine engagement between viewers and a brand. 
Benefits of live content: 
Live content is more affordable since live-streamed events do not require editing or much in terms of video production. Live streams can be filmed from a computer or mobile phone and uploaded directly through a social media platform. 
Live streams are live and that means the video content is immediately available. Meaning you won’t need to record the content, market it, or schedule any release date. Overall, saving time for your business. With this spare time, you could invest it into something else, like creating other high-quality videos or content to grow your business. 
As interaction with this content increases, you’ll see increases in audiences and viewers. This is because you will be tapping into a specific market of people who prefer live streaming over other types of content. Simply by offering live video, you are engaging a new audience for your brand. As your brand awareness grows, you might see more brand recognition and receptivity in the market. 
Pre-recorded Content 
Pre-recorded videos allow you to present your content in a more structured way. Pre-recording your videos gives you the chance to edit them, this helps you add that TV-like production quality to the content. 
Businesses who pre-recorded their content have more control over the product and can specifically time the release of this type of content. 
Overall, there is more work that needs to be done to promote and produce pre-recorded content. From production, timed releases, and uploading the content, but there are still many benefits as you will see below. 
With pre-recorded content, you can be confident with the production quality because you have the option for retakes. Retakes allow you to perfect the content until you are happy with it. 
Since you are able to put more production elements into pre-recorded content, you are able to really impress your audience. Depending on your budget, you could include a green screen, mixed reality, and even 3D projection mapping for truly high-quality and immersive content. 
Pre-recorded content can be uploaded in a live event for any time zone, which will allow your brand greater reach globally. Instead of having to be awake at all these times, simply pre-record that content and then manage the publishing schedule. 
To conclude, will all of that said, you need to experiment with both of these video forms to figure out what works better for your brand and have a plan on how to bring your video ideas to life, no matter whether you choose live streams or pre-recorded videos. 
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