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Facebook can be a great place for business owners to do their social media marketing successfully. With so many tools available for businesses on Facebook, you can really make use of what’s available to build your business’ presence on Facebook, bringing you a new audience, more engagement, reach and potential new sales. 
If you’re looking to promote your Facebook Business Page, then here are some tips to help you get started. 
Personalise and Perfect Your Page and Your Content 
The first thing you need to do is make sure all of your personal details are filled out on your business page. This lets the audience know what your business is about, where you’re located and how they can contact you. This information is the basic information needed on all social media channels, as it will help people to find out more about your business, and let them learn more about you. 
You also need to personalise your posts to relate to your target audiences’ interests, in order to get them engaging with you. If you receive comments, respond to them in a timely manner, and start conversations in order to build up a relationship with your audience. 
Consistency when marketing on social media is vital if you want to see growth, and turn your social media into a successful avenue for you to sell products and reach new customers. 
Without consistent posting, your audience can get confused as to why you’ve not posted, or could be overwhelmed by a volume of posts. But your consistency doesn’t just end at posting – it also includes your brand voice, the way you respond to people and your overall branding with things such as graphics and videos. 
Here are the reasons why consistency is important on social media.. 
Brand Recognition 
By staying consistent on social media, your brand will begin to be recognised. You’ll stay in the minds of your audience if you’re posting at the optimal times on the days that they’re most active, helping them to recognise you and remember your brand. 
Brand recognition is important, because you’ll want to be the brand people go to before competitors. Staying consistent with your online marketing will help you do this. 
If you’re wanting to get your business out there on social media, you need a social media strategy. This will help you plan how your business will appear on social media channels, and will help you work out a route to having online success. 
Your strategy needs to consider a number of things, from what and when you post to the tracking of analytics. 
Looking to get started? Here are some tips on how to create a great social media strategy. 
Who Is Your Target Audience? 
You need to know who it is you’re planning to target. Without knowing your audience, you may not see the results you desire. Your business has the opportunity to reach new people online, and therefore your need to ensure you’re targeting the right group. 
Facebook Ads are a great way to reach your target audience with a product or service. When done correctly, Facebook advertising work well to increase conversions, traffic, awareness, engagement or leads. 
Facebook has an extremely large audience, with a variety of targeting options to find the right audience for your message. Instead of just marketing your message, you are potentially reaching an audience who is looking for what you have to offer. 
It is important when creating Facebook advertisements to ensure the ad copy will provide context to drive the user to the call to action. The ad copy should ideally go above and beyond and entertain a user to get them excited about your product or service. Figuring out how to write effective ad copy for your business can be overwhelming, that is why we have put together some tips, so you can understand how to make a good Facebook ad that is effective and produces the return of investment (ROI) you are looking for. 
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