Facebook Ad targeting is a great way for you to be able to reach out to the exact audience that you desire. This will then help you create a client base that surrounds your business that are the audience you’d mapped out as ideal for your business. 
By targeting your ads – also known as ‘micro-targeting’, you’ll see great results if you do it correctly. Here are the ways you can target your Facebook Ads so you start getting the best results possible. 
Creating A Custom Audience 
Many people think advertising to a wide audience is the way to go, as it will get them out and visible in front of more people. In fact, this isn’t the way you should go about it. You may reach more people, but you likely won’t reach the audience you want – and as Facebook Ads cost money, this could eventually mean you take a financial hit. You can target people based on your website traffic, who visits your business through other offline channels, those who engage with you on both Facebook and Instagram and by creating a customer file. 
Targeted Locations 
You can target certain locations with your Facebook Ads. If you are operating in a certain area – let’s say Manchester, for example - are you really wanting to reach people in London? If you’re based in a certain area and cannot get beyond that city/area, then make sure you’re keeping your advertising specifically targeted to people within your city/town instead of going for the whole country, or neighbouring cities. 
Audience Insights 
Facebook allows you to track your insights, so you can discover your audience by looking at your insights. Therefore, you’ll know who you can target if you’re struggling to think of data you canuse to target them specifically. You’ll get demographic data (age, gender, location, even behaviours and interests). This will help to give you answers on who is best for your business. 
Audience Insights are extremely beneficial for marketers, as it has a hub of information that you can use to your advantage when it comes to your ad targeting. If your insights are showing an audience opposite to what you wanted for your business, maybe its best you focus on studying your current content style and copy, and seeing why your audience are different to what you originally planned. By making sure everything is in line, both your content and your ads will line up and maximise your opportunity for success. 
Split Test Your Ads 
You can target an age group of people aged say 18-45, but then you’re risking the chance to potentially lose customers, especially if Facebook seems to begin advertising more towards a specific age group that lines up more with your other targeting factors. Therefore, segment your ads by split testing so that they’re specifically reaching age groups (18-25, 25-35, 35-45). This will then let you see which age group is more engaged with you and your ads, giving you a greater conversion rate than if you were just advertising to a large pool of people instead. It will also allow you to see which age group you need to put more of a focus on, especially if they're the ones bringing custom to your business. To do this segmentation, just replicate your ad and target a different age group. 
Facebook Ad targeting is important if you’re looking to spend your money on something that will bring you customers if it’s done correctly. You may not see instant conversions, but by following these tips and correctly targeting your audience, you’ll be likely to see success. 
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