When you’re in the process of creating your Facebook Ad, you want it to reach your target audience. For example, there is no use in creating an ad that reaches people who may not live in the area you operate from. Thankfully, Facebook has detailed options that allows you to reach your target audience, so that you’re not paying to advertise to people who don’t add any value to your business. 
If you’ve never targeted people using Facebook Ads before, don’t worry – this blog post will give all the important tips on how you can specifically target, and it be successful. 
How To Reach Your Audience 
There are multiple options that you can edit to reach your target audience. They are: 
Location: You can select a specific area that you want to advertise in. If your business is operating from and in Nottingham for example, you don’t want to reach people from Newcastle. 
Connections: You can advertise directly to people who have interacted with your business before, or you can exclude them so that you can reach new audiences. 
Behaviour: Ads can be targeted based on consumer behaviour, such as purchases, and time spent on devices. 
Interests: What are your target audience interested in? Make it specific but also relevant to what you’re advertising. 
Demographics: This allows you to get specific. You can choose demographics such as age, gender, type of education or job your target audience has, so that you are really reaching the right people that will be interested in your business. 
For your audience outside of Facebook that have already shown interest in your business, you can use your CRM System or email list to advertise to them or use the Facebook Pixel to automatically set up targeting of people who have used your site or made any type of interaction on it. 
You can also use a lookalike audience. Just start targeting people that you know will be interested by your product or service, and your ads will begin to reach audiences that have similar interests. 
Targeting Tips 
So, you’ve targeted people, but you need a great advert to go along with it. Deciding which product or service to advertise if you have more than one that is popular can be tricky. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on your analytics. What product is doing the best for you? What is your target audience interacting with the most? Automatically, by targeting this product to your new Ad audience, you will also start to see results from those, bringing you more sales and engagement. 
If you don’t know specifically what audience you want to target, you can combine it with another. For example, if you are advertising beauty treatments, you want to reach people who are also interested in the same thing e.g., skincare, massages, manicures etc. However, that can create a very broad audience, that doesn’t necessarily reach the right people. If you want to narrow it down, you can take the word ‘beauty’ and explore the wide range of topics in there – makeup, specific products even haircare – just narrow it down. This will then help make your audience more specific and a smaller pool of people that will be interested in your content will be advertised to, seeing your engagement increase. 
Facebook also has Ad Relevance Diagnostics that will guide and help you improve your Ad ranking. These are based on Quality, Engagement, and Conversion. If your ads are not performing as well as you want them to, you can check the diagnostics for areas to improve. If the quality and engagement are low, modify your target audience so it’s reaching the exact people you want to target. If conversion is low, you can change you audience to people who have engaged with similar products and adverts before, or people who have specific life events coming up that your product would be relevant to in that time. 
Don’t make your adverts too broad, even if the age range your advertising to varies. You wouldn’t advertise in the same way to someone in their 20s as you would someone in their 70s, so you still need to be specific with your age range even if it ends up limiting your reach. You can always target a different age group with the same product, just with a different ad copy and graphic. Making sure that you’re addressing your target audience in the correct way is important, as you may make some references that young people will understand, but older people won’t. If you do decide to advertise to all age ranges, then make sure your copy and graphics can be easily understood. 
Facebook Ad targeting is an important process when you decide to advertise on social media, as it will help your content reach the exact audience your business aims to target. Look at all the options available to you and be specific. Making a strategy before you go into ad creating will be beneficial, as they’ll provide you with all the pointers and ideas that you need to follow so that your ads can be structured and targeted correctly. By following all these tips, you’ll start seeing results. 
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