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LinkedIn is the perfect platform for outreach and generating leads. You can create direct connections with other businesses and business owners, which can give you useful information and relationships that will aid your own company’s journey. 
You can also reach out to a potential audience and connect with clients. Personalisation is an important technique in effectively reaching out to your customers and clients and will help you establish a loyal audience. 
Here are ways you can do effective LinkedIn outreach. 
LinkedIn is a great platform for building relationships, especially for B2B marketers. It is a platform that lets you connect with likeminded people in your industry and sector, which not only helps you make connections but also helps your business build a strong and supportive network of industry professionals. 
If you’re looking to reach out on LinkedIn, here are some ways you can build relationships with other users on the platform. 
We’ve seen some new updates in the world of digital marketing and social media since the beginning of the new year, so let’s take a look at all the latest news and trends! 
Instagram Update 
In February, Instagram will update their home screen in order to ‘focus on simplicity’, according to CEO Adam Mosseri. Whilst the shop will remain, the tab will disappear. They’ll also be ensuring there’s a better balance for images and videos, compared to last years push for more video-style content. 
For business owners looking to grow their customer base, Facebook Ads is a great tool. 
With the right strategy and management, you can reach your target audience quickly and efficiently. 
However, without proper management, you could be wasting time and money on campaigns that won't get you any results. 
Let's look at how to effectively manage your Facebook Ads. 
LinkedIn is a great platform for B2B marketing. You can reach out to business owners in your industry, make connections and support each other on your business journeys. LinkedIn also lets you advertise your services to people interested in your industry, so that you can attract new customers and clients. 
LinkedIn, like other platforms, is a great choice for you to give your business an online presence. There are certain times that you can post on the platform for maximum reach and engagement. Here are some of the best times to post on LinkedIn. 
What The Research Says 
HubSpot research has outlined specific days and times that are best for your business to post on LinkedIn. Mondays aren’t advised, as many business owners will be busy catching up with work they may have received over the weekend, or completing work that needs finishing from the week before. Mid-week is best to post, as this is when business owners frequent LinkedIn more often. Fridays are advised if you post during the workday, before business owners and employees log off for the weekend. 
As a business owner, you’ll probably create strategies for your social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, but have you created one for LinkedIn? 
LinkedIn can help you make lasting business connections and find clients in the corporate world. You need to make sure your content strategy on LinkedIn is appealing to business owners so that you can create a network that is invested in what you do and provide. 
Firstly, what is B2B Marketing? 
B2B Marketing is Business-To-Business Marketing. This means you’re engaging with people already in Business, and that probably have some idea already about your current industry, including successful products, competitors and what is currently trending. 
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