As a business owner, you’ll probably create strategies for your social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, but have you created one for LinkedIn? 
LinkedIn can help you make lasting business connections and find clients in the corporate world. You need to make sure your content strategy on LinkedIn is appealing to business owners so that you can create a network that is invested in what you do and provide. 
Firstly, what is B2B Marketing? 
B2B Marketing is Business-To-Business Marketing. This means you’re engaging with people already in Business, and that probably have some idea already about your current industry, including successful products, competitors and what is currently trending. 
B2B Marketing shouldn’t be all about selling – whilst having sales is the one thing that will help keep your business afloat and running successfully, B2B Marketing will likely see you create more lasting relationships and valuable sales compared to B2C, as you’re trying to appeal to corporate clients, not retail clients. 
Corporate Clients are likely to be more selective with what they’re investing in, and if they do choose to invest in you it shows that they have trust in your brand and your product/service. B2B Marketing is important as it can help you create a strong supportive network that helps to keep you at the very top of the business ladder. 
Don’t know where to start with B2B Marketing? Here are some content strategies you can use. 
Create Content Directly On LinkedIn 
Content that is directly published and posted on to the platform – known as native content – gets 3x more engagement than all other content types on LinkedIn. 
LinkedIn articles are great ways for you to show professionals your industry knowledge and expertise, and as it’s already posted on the platform, the person engaging won’t end up leaving the site to read a blog post, get distracted and never return – they’re still actively engaging with you on the site they’ve found you on, and therefore your name and account is still heavily prevalent within their minds. If they like the content you’ve provided, they’re likely to continue to engage with you and when you build up a relationship, they could become a strong asset in your B2B marketing. 
Most people decide whether a post is worth their time by reading the first line or sentence, so you need to make sure this is engaging. Like you would do with headlines on blogs, you need to make it enticing for the audience – hook them in, and make them want to know more. 
Video Creation 
If your LinkedIn account is of a small to medium size, then video content is your best bet for successful B2B Marketing. 
With the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels, all platforms are now beginning to push video content a lot more. Per impressions, the average engagement rate for videos for all accounts is 3.16%, with small accounts having the highest engagement at 4.49%, and for these accounts the video view rate is highest at 17.18% (Social Insider). Therefore, making sure your videos are well created, planned and edited will help you draw new consumers into your business. 
Optimize Your Content 
If analytics are showing you that you’re underperforming in reach and engagement, you need to make changes. Optimize your content by using keywords, hashtags, sharing into business groups and taking a look at what others in your field are doing successfully and apply it to what your posting. 
For both B2B and B2C Marketing, you have to make sure you’re appealing to the right audiences. As mentioned earlier, on LinkedIn you’re wanting to appeal more to those in business, not your average everyday consumer. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind what business owners will be looking for from you and your content, instead of what your average target audience may be looking for. People who work in similar industries to you may not be your exact target audience, but they do know about what you do and have existing knowledge about it – you need to offer them something new or insightful, and prove that you’re a brand that they can trust, respect and want to potentially work/engage with. 
B2B Marketing is all about making sure you’re creating content that is able to reach out to other businesses and make them want you in their network. By creating your B2B Marketing plan, you’ll know exactly what your business needs to do in order to make these connections. Start marketing on LinkedIn today and see how it can help your business grow 
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