If you’re trying to attract people to piece of content or blog post you have written, you need to make sure your headline is intriguing and compelling enough to attract the audience’s attention. If you want people to click on your content and do further reading, then your headline needs to have some impact on your audience. 
8/10 people will read a headline, but only 2/10 will click it. Headlines can and will increase your traffic, and therefore your SEO and ranking, if they’re engaging enough to persuade more than 2 people to click on your content and read it. Here are some ways that you can create a Powerful Headline for your online content. 
Give People A Reason to Click 
Like you’d describe how a product will give value to your customer, you need to give your target audience an underlying reason to want to click on your content and read it beyond its headline. 59% of people will share content without reading it first, so making sure the headline is powerful enough to make these people read what you are posting will help with your website traffic and will show you that your content has been valued by your audience, which will help you in future with more content revolving around a similar topic area. 
Using words such as ‘Advice’, ‘Tips’ ‘Tricks’ and ‘Lessons’ in your headlines will be an incentive for the audience to click and read further, as it will provide them with information that they themselves can implement or learn from. 
Be Precise 
Being vague with your headlines will make them sound like any other that your audience can find. Being precise with your headlines and making them describe exactly what is that is involved in your content will give your audience a reason to click. 
Work out what your key word is in your content – what is the main topic you’re talking about? This will help you create different headline variations surrounding that key word, and then you can pick the best one. You want to trigger a response from the audience – in this case making them want to click – so precisely stating what the article revolves around will provide them with a reason to continue reading. 
Add A Sense of Urgency 
Making your content sound important and something that can’t be missed in your headlines will be a good way to get people to interact with your content. Saying phrases like ‘Don’t Miss Out’ will help people click to read your blog post or content as they’ll feel like they need to read what you’re posting, otherwise they may miss the information you’re providing that could be important and beneficial to them. The only way your audience will be able to find that information is through reading your content, so making them feel like they’ll miss out if they don’t read it there and then will help your engagement and will get people to click. 
Use Adjectives 
Using words such as ‘essential’ ‘important’ or ‘helpful’ will help make your headline more attractive to your audience. Therefore, a headline like ‘Marketing Tips’, could transform into ‘5 Essential Marketing Tips ALL Small Business Owners Should Follow’. The word ‘essential’ means they’re something that can’t be missed, and are important if these businesses want to improve their marketing strategy. Specifically stating who it’s for afterwards will address your audience. Adjectives are powerful tools that need to be used to make your audience interested in your content. 
Use Emotion 
Speak directly to your audience. A headline like ‘Struggling to Create Content? These Helpful Tips will transform your Social Media’, will directly appeal to people who are struggling with this issue. Using emotion will tap into the audiences’ feelings and will make them feel understood, and that they can find answers to their problems by doing some further reading into what you are providing to them. 
Powerful headlines will provide more traffic to your website if you get them right. By following these tips, you will have the opportunity to see this traffic increase, and give you the opportunity to make blog or article content an integral part of your marketing strategy. 
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