Posts from August 2023

When you set yourself up on social media, you need to promote your business to your audience, and make people aware of who you are and what the values of your brand are. 
Learning how to make your brand resonate with an online audience when you’ve never done social media marketing before can be difficult, but is a rewarding process that can see your business grow and bring in a lot of customers. 
Here are some tips on how you can build brand awareness on your social media. 
On Facebook, you can create lookalike audiences to ensure you’re targeting the right people, and getting your business out in front of an audience who will be engaged with you and what you’re selling/advertising. 
This audience is important for getting you high levels of engagement and turning this engagement into conversions. Facebook Ads can be a great source of marketing when done correctly, and can become a huge part of your strategy when it comes to advertising online. 
Here’s how you can leverage lookalike audiences with Facebook Ads. 
As we reach the end of August, there’s been a number of updates to social media platforms that are worth noting if you’re looking to improve or build on your digital marketing efforts. 
Here’s all the latest news from the last month… 
YouTube Testing AI Generated Video Summaries 
YouTube has started to test out more AI-based features, this time allowing users to use AI Generated Video Summaries to help add more context to clips. 
If you’re looking to find an effective way to market your business online, then Facebook is a great platform to use. It allows you to directly target and reach out to your audience, create an ad that really sells your business and brings in customers and improves your brand recognition, trust and loyalty. 
If you’re looking to maximise your ROI using Facebook Ads, then here are some tips on how you can optimise your ad spend. 
Make Improvements To Your Ad Account 
If you’re running ads but aren’t seeing the results you desire, then it may be time to take a look at your Facebook Ads account. 
When you create a Facebook Ad, you’ll have the option to use different ad formats to sell your product and really reach out to your audience with an ad that’s sure to impress them and hook them in. 
Knowing what kind of ad format that works for your audience can take some time, but often some ads lend themselves better to some businesses and industries than they do others. 
Here are the different types of ad formats, and how you can choose whether they’d be right for your business’ advertising. 
If you’re looking for new ways to market your brand online, then you could consider influencer marketing. 
Influencer marketing is where you contact a social media influencer, offering them products in exchange for them promoting your business on their social platforms. You need to reach out to influencers who have similar target audiences to yourself – research by DASH reports that 71% of people are more likely to buy a product or service if it's recommended by influencers they trust. 
Here are the benefits of influencer marketing for your brand. 
Social Media is an excellent tool to use for your marketing. It has a range of benefits that can boost your engagement, increase sales and revenue and generate valuable leads. 
Using Social-Media can be difficult when you first start out, and naturally will be a trial-and-error process – even if you have a well set-out marketing plan. Some posts will perform better than others, ads will need to be changed and updated to speak to the correct audiences and finding a balance for your posts will take time. however, the results make this process extremely rewarding, and can help to position you as one of the leading businesses within your industry. 
Here’s how you can use social media to generate leads and increase sales. 
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