Facebook has over 2.7 billion active users, so advertising your business through Facebook is a great way for you to advertise to new audiences and grow your business page. By advertising through Facebook, you can really target the people you want to attract to your business and find potential new clients. Here are a few benefits of using Facebook Ads to improve your growth and visibility on social media. 
As already mentioned, Facebook Ads allow you to really target your Ads towards the audience you want to see it. Micro-targeting your audience will mean you can draw in new customers who fit the demographic your business is aimed towards. You can target on such areas such as gender, age, location, interests, recent purchases and life events (such as a wedding, having a baby etc). Precise target audiences mean you can refine your audience and make sure you’re advertising to the people most likely to interact with your business, improving your growth. Facebook Ads are great for this, as other sites such as Google don’t offer such detailed demographic targeting. Unlike more traditional forms of advertising, you aren’t just advertising to everyone – you can pick your audience and target your brand to really appeal to them. 
Facebook Ads offer you a range of options to advertise your business that suit your brand the best. The Ad Types give you the opportunity to work out which would be the best to choose in order to appeal to your main audience. From photo, video, and story ads to messenger and “carousel” adverts – a collection of images that the user can scroll through meaning you can advertise multiple products in one post, you’re not limited to a certain ad type. This will also allow you to have better branding, as you have full reign to make a creative, visual advert that isn’t just plain text or one static image. 
When Facebook reviews your ad and it’s approved, it will immediately go live and begin to be displayed to your targeted Facebook users. You’re likely to start seeing results quickly, as Facebook approves ads usually within a couple of days. They’re ideal if your Ad strategy is long term or short term, as they will give you fast results in a short period of time. 
You can also set your own budget with Facebook Ads so that they’re affordable for you. The cost of advertising on other platforms is expensive, but Facebook allows you to set the limit of how much you’d like to pay to advertise your business, meaning you don’t have to worry about rising costs that will be out of your budget. You can still reach a large audience if you choose to pay less to advertise. 
You can choose a specific goal you want to achieve when advertising. You can choose to boost engagement, promote your page, refer people to your website and create a call-to-action promotion. Being able to select what you want to prioritize in order to get your desired results will help you with growth, as you’ll be getting the exact engagement that you want. These specific objectives will help you to increase brand awareness, consideration of your business and even conversions. Getting the option to choose where you want to drive users to when they see your ad will help you grow in the areas that you’ve specified as important for your business to Facebook. 
You can select which areas to exclude with Facebook Ads, so your business doesn’t end up being advertised outside of the area you operate from. If you live in Derby for example and your business solely operates from there, you can select to exclude surrounding areas such as Nottingham and Leicester so that you won’t attract business form places you don’t work in. You can also choose to only advertise to people that live in an area and not people who have recently ‘checked in’ to that place. If someone has been in and posted to Facebook about visiting Derby but return home to Nottingham, you don’t want to advertise to that person – as they won’t be your targeted audience. 
Facebook Ads will help your business grow in the areas you need them to, as well as draw in brand new people to your business page. Create an ad on Facebook today and begin seeing results almost instantly. 
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