Posts from October 2023

This October, there’s been a few changes to social media platforms that could be helpful for you to know so you can adapt and create your own business’ social strategies accordingly. 
Here’s all the news from October… 
YouTube Updates Partner Programme & YouTube Shorts 
YouTube has expanded its partner programme to include users in another 23 countries to have access to monetisation options should they have 500 or more subscribers. This was previously only rolled out to select regions. 
For Youtube Shorts, AI features are being rolled out to enhance videos and add filters to creator’s videos (much like TikTok). This is still in early development, although looks to be another way that YouTube plans to continue promoting the Shorts feature, making it a worthy competitor to both Reels and TikTok. 
Social Media Marketing is an important part of getting your business out in front of people, giving you an opportunity to grow your business beyond a local, small business into one that becomes a leader within your industry. 
The power of online marketing allows you to reach people from all over the world, building up an audience who may not have found you if you weren’t online. 
Here’s why your small business should use social media marketing to become a success. 
Video marketing has become a powerful and important part of marketing on social media – with the rise of TikTok at the start of the 2020s resulting in more video content being pushed on other platforms – most recognisably the reels feature on Facebook and Instagram – it’s transformed the way businesses market towards their audience and potential customers. 
82% of the global internet traffic came from videos in 2022, with an audience reach of 97% worldwide. Videos can help to add context, give more information and introduce audiences to the faces behind the business – in fact, 96% of people use video to learn more about a product or service. 
The power of video marketing cannot be underestimated – here’s how you can use video for your business on social media. 
Facebook offers businesses options to use paid ads on the platform – these are Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts. Both work to “promote” your business, increase reach, engagement and sales, but have different properties to help you reach your ideal audiences. 
But which is best to use for your business? Here’s all you need to know about Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts. 
Boosted Posts 
What are Boosted Posts? 
Boosted Posts are where you can create ‘adverts’ directly from posts you’ve put onto your Facebook Page. They help to engage audiences that already follow you – anything from comments to interacting with the media within the posts counts as an engagement, and these kinds of posts are more likely to be shared, helping to reach new customers. 
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