Social Media Marketing is an important part of getting your business out in front of people, giving you an opportunity to grow your business beyond a local, small business into one that becomes a leader within your industry. 
The power of online marketing allows you to reach people from all over the world, building up an audience who may not have found you if you weren’t online. 
Here’s why your small business should use social media marketing to become a success. 
Why Use Social Media In The First Place? 
Small businesses should use social media marketing as it’s a cost-effective and powerful tool to use when you’re starting out and looking to connect with your target audience, showcase your products/services and avoid having to spend thousands of pounds on traditional marketing tactics and channels. 
In this modern age, many businesses have hopped on the social media marketing train. After all, with over 4 billion users on social platforms, there’s an almost guaranteed chance your exact target audience are out there, waiting for a business just like yours to pop up. From paid ads to general pages, there are so many options available when it comes to social media marketing, and finding the best fit for you will help you to create a solid digital marketing plan. 
Reach Your Audience 
Social Media allows smaller businesses to widen their audience reach by putting them on a more level-playing field with the larger businesses. When you’ve designed a great product, and you want it to reach a better audience, then social media is the place to be. 
Using sites like Facebook, Instagram, X, and LinkedIn, you should create compelling content that resonates with your target customers and gets them engaging with you. Targeted advertising is a great way to expand your reach – Facebook Ads being one of the more popular ways to do this – giving you the opportunity to directly pinpoint your exact audience by micro-targeting based on the information you already have on them. 
Increase Your Brand Awareness 
Brand awareness defines your position in the market, helping audiences and customers remember and recall your brand. It doesn’t just mean to make people familiar with you, it’s about hooking them in and getting them to be a big part of your strategy to make your branding memorable and stand out from the crowd. It can help to influence purchasing decisions, and sets you apart from your competitors. Make sure your business has a distinct style and that this is consistent on all of your social media platforms, and stay pro-active with your engagement. 
Visibility is important for your social media marketing. Creating interesting content that encourages users to share posts from your business page to their friends or followers or share their experiences with your products will help to boost people’s awareness of your business. 
Understand Your Competitors and Customers 
With social media, information about your competitors and customers are at your fingertips, and allows you to get to know them better than ever before. You can find out your competitors marketing styles and tactics, along with discovering how their audience (likely to be similar or the same as yours) responds to them. Creating a competitor analysis will help you to find gaps within their strategies that you can fill, which can help to attract an audience to your business. 
You can also make discoveries about your customer as a person overall – from their general information to hobbies, income and interests – allowing you to be able to create a good audience persona to use when targeting for your posts and ads. Knowing exactly who your customer is is important when it comes to social media marketing, as they’re the most likely to interact with you and be interested in what you’re selling. 
Build Relationships With Your Customers 
Social Media helps you to create a relationship with your customers, helping to build your brand loyalty. Talking to your customers, responding to questions and queries, getting them involved in communities such as Facebook Groups and making them central to what you do can all help to build your customer relationships, and show others that you’re proactive in responding to your audience members. 
The service you provide your customers with is personalised, and your messages/replies should be too. Address your audience using their name when they interact with you, and make them feel seen and valued as a customer/follower. When you acknowledge comments, it can also encourage others to get involved, helping to start conversations that allows you to show your industry knowledge and create a lasting relationship with your audience. 
Social Media Marketing is an incredible way for you to turn your small business into a sustainable brand with loyal customers and regular sales. Create your strategy and start discovering the power of social media marketing today! 
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