So, you have an advert created on Facebook, but now you need to target your ideal audience. This can seem like a big task if you’re not prepared, or don’t know how to target your audience using the best techniques and tactics. 
Targeting your ad correctly will help to bring you more engagement, and potentially even more customers. You’ll be reaching the audience you desired to target and getting your business and brand out there for them to see
Here’s some ways that you can reach your ideal audience on Facebook. 
The first thing you need to look at is your demographics. If you already know your audience, then this should be a straightforward process. You can target based on the gender of your audience, their age and where they live. 
Making this broad could limit your Facebook Ads performance – when you consider the number of users within an age category of say 18-65, your ad won’t appeal to them all. Younger generations will require different targeting, copy and graphics compared to older generations, so be specific with your targeting based on the advert that you have decided to create. 
Target Interests 
You can target the interests of your audience to narrow the size of your audience even more to those who will be fully invested in your business and your ad. Be niche with these interests, so you’re really reaching those members of your audience that are true ‘super fans’ of the interest that you’re looking into. Picking super popular members of an industry will not help to narrow down an audience - for example, if you were targeting people into sports then choosing people like Ronaldo will not help you to target those ‘super fans’ – so make sure you’re doing your research into your audience interests beforehand. 
Income Level 
Your products/services will cost money, and will be targeted towards people in different life situations, A luxury brand for example would be better targeted to higher income earners in high-end jobs, whereas something such as University supplies would be better targeted to Uni students or potential Uni students who can’t afford to spend too much money on a product. You know your audience best, and if you target to the wrong income earners, then you won’t see good results from your advert as you may price out and not interest those your ad is displayed to. 
Potential Buyers 
Facebook can tell when people have been searching for a similar business to yours, and can identify those customers who are ready to buy from a business that’s just like yours. You need to target these people with your business first, and get that sale. You could even offer them a discount to entice them to buy from you instead, and acquire that customer that has the potential to purchase again in future over your competitor. 
Education levels can also be targeted – this will help you choose the type of tone you use for your advert so it’s appealing. If you’re targeting those who have just graduated from Uni, then the tone will be different to targeting those that graduated university years prior. New graduates will have different wants and needs to those who are probably settled into a job and their family life, so knowing your audience’s education level is important to bringing in the ideal people for your advert, and creating the copy and graphic that will be eye catching and attention grabbing. 
Target Milestones 
Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries – these are all good things to target. Those people who have certain milestones coming up may be looking for items or gifts, and your business may be able to provide them. Facebook lets your target people whose friends have a milestone coming up – allowing you to get your ad out in front of them ahead of the big day with your targeting. 
Target Mobile Users 
Android and iPhone users have different needs – and are unlikely to switch the type of device they use. Android users won’t be interested in what IOS users are, and won’t need the same software or accessories, so if your business or product focuses on any of these services make sure you exclude the phone services that don’t relate to your product. 
Facebook ads can and will have a positive impact for your business when they’re targeted to the correct people. Without this targeting, you run the risk of your ad not performing well, and seeing you put money into something that isn’t getting you any return. Start targeting today and see the results it can bring! 
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