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Facebook and LinkedIn both have benefits for businesses looking to improve their online marketing efforts, but they both have features that may be more suited to how your business operates digitally. 
Want to know which is best for your business? Here’s all your need to know about LinkedIn and Facebook Marketing… 

User Base 

Facebook is the bigger platform, with over 3 billion users compared to LinkedIn’s 875 million, but that doesn’t mean Facebook is the better platform. Whilst it has a bigger audience, both platforms were created for different reasons, with Facebook made for people to connect with friends and LinkedIn for professional connections. Knowing exactly who your target market is will help when it comes to selecting your platform for digital marketing, as you’ll be able to get a feel for which site they may populate the most. 

Looking For B2B Marketing? Try LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a platform for professionals, so if you’re looking to connect with like-minded business owners and use social-selling to get your business out there. Share thoughts with others in your industry, join groups that are relevant, and post content that’s valuable and insightful. LinkedIn was built for networking, so don’t worry about creating those valuable connections with people – they’ll likely be clued up on terminology and the ins and outs of your industry. 

Facebook Is Best For B2C 

If you would prefer B2C Marketing, you should take a look at Facebook. Facebook allows you to connect with your target customers and see what they think of your business. It also offers diverse targeting when it comes to paid ads, so you can reach out to the exact people who have an interest in your business and your products helping you build brand awareness, engage with customers directly and gather your insights through analytics. 

LinkedIn Groups vs Facebook Groups 

Both platforms offer groups, which are good ways to reach more people and build good relationships for your business. 
LinkedIn Groups are a place for industry professionals to gather and discuss the goings-on in your sector. You can also share your own experiences, and the latest news from your industry. There are also people in these groups that may not be leaders, but professionals who could benefit from the advice you share. Take a look into some groups that interest you and see the style of posts and engagements they get before joining. 
Facebook Groups also let you operate in a similar to LinkedIn, but you have to remember whilst you’re the professional, a lot of those in these groups won’t have heard the industry-lingo you know about so keep things a little more-simple. A lot of businesses create their own groups as an incentive to build brand loyalty and trust, offering those in there exclusive updates, discounts, Q&A sessions and more, and with over 400 million people in groups they find meaningful you can build a solid digital marketing foundation from Facebook just through your groups. 

Facebook Ads vs. LinkedIn Ads 

Facebook and LinkedIn both offer Ads, and whilst Facebook Ads are arguably the best out there on social media, LinkedIn Ads shouldn’t be discounted. LinkedIn Ads don’t have the same, low cost-per-click Facebook Ads do, but they are great - especially for Lead Generation adverts and reaching other Business owners. Facebook Ads are much more personalised, and have better targeting options that allow you to really narrow down you audience so you can be sure you’re reaching out exactly to the people who would be interested in your business and what you have to sell. 
Facebook and LinkedIn are both great platforms to use when it comes to your marketing, but selecting the right one and building on it will help to grow your business on either platform and create a loyal base of followers and customers. 
Facebook is one of the most popular platforms to use for those looking to market their business on social media. 
With over 3 billion active users, Facebook gives you the opportunity to reach an audience you wouldn’t usually find if you’re not engaging with the digital side of marketing. It’s a huge platform allowing you to bring in the sales and audience you dream of. 
Getting engagement helps to boost your posts, create a loyal base of customers and followers and puts you as an industry lead. 
Here’s how you can increase your Facebook engagement. 
When you begin marketing on Facebook, one of the first things you must do is create a business page. This page will be the basis of your marketing, giving you the tools to make your social media marketing a success. 
It’s important you get your business page right, as it’s the hub of everything you do, and one of the first places potential audience members will look for more information about what you do. 
Here’s how you can engage customers with an ideal business page on Facebook. 
Facebook Ads allow you to promote your business beyond the traditional forms of advertising and marketing, giving you the opportunity to push your products and services to a wider audience using social media. 
If you haven’t started using Facebook Ads yet, then there’s no better time like the present to get your business marketing on socials by using ads on the platform. Setting out may seem like a big task at first, but when you know what you’re doing it can make the whole process a little easier. 
Here’s how to get started creating Facebook Ads. 
Your Facebook Ads are an important part of your marketing efforts, and when they’re created well, they can become a key part of your online sales and engagement strategy. 
Roughly 19% of global ad revenue comes from Facebook Ads, with a user on average clicking on 12 ads each month. 
But how do you create an ad that performs well? Here are some tips on how you can start writing and creating a great Facebook Ad. 
If you’re looking to find an effective way to market your business online, then Facebook is a great platform to use. It allows you to directly target and reach out to your audience, create an ad that really sells your business and brings in customers and improves your brand recognition, trust and loyalty. 
If you’re looking to maximise your ROI using Facebook Ads, then here are some tips on how you can optimise your ad spend. 
Make Improvements To Your Ad Account 
If you’re running ads but aren’t seeing the results you desire, then it may be time to take a look at your Facebook Ads account. 
There’s been some big social media news this month, from new platform launches to rebrands and feature changes that could be handy for marketers to take advantage of. 
Let’s take a look at the latest updates for July 2023…. 
Meta Launches Threads 
The biggest news from July is the launch of Meta’s new social media app, Threads. 
Threads works in a similar way to Twitter – even having a similar interface, where users can create text-based posts, follow other creators, like, repost and quote other ‘thread’s’. They have also introduced a similar ‘For You’ and ‘Following’ timeline feature, after listening to concerns from users that they weren’t seeing content from users they follow on the initial app’s rollout. 
When you create Facebook Ads, you’ll be expecting them to bring you good results. When you don’t seem to be getting these results however, it can be disappointing and may make you think Facebook Ads aren’t worth investing in. 
However, there are many common mistakes people make when they create their Facebook Ads, that can have an impact on their performance. 
Here are the Facebook Ad mistakes to avoid. 
When you start creating a plan for your Facebook Ads, one of the key things to make note of is the Ad Copy. This is what helps to sell your ad to the audience, so must be effective and persuasive enough to get people to engage with you. 
Facebook Ad copy is important – when a user is interested in what they see, whether it be a graphic, article or video, one of the first places they’ll find more information about the ad on is in the copy This needs to convince and direct them to your landing page, where they can take further action. 
If you need help with writing Facebook Ad Copy, here are some strategies to boost engagement. 
When you create your Facebook Ad, one of the most important things to consider is the ad design. The copy and the graphics must be eye-catching and persuasive, so that it stops people scrolling and grabs their attention. 
There are certain things you should and shouldn’t do when creating your Facebook Ad Design, so here are the do’s and don’ts that you should follow. 
April is coming to an end, and over the month we’ve had some changes in the world of social media – let’s take a look at all the recent updates. 
Instagram Allowing 5 Links 
Instagram now allows users to put 5 links in their bio. Previously, users who wanted to link to multiple sites or other social media on Instagram would have to use services like Linktree. 
Now, users can add 5 separate links in their bio, and choose the order that these links appear in. This can be helpful for businesses who want to promote not just their website on their Instagram profile, but link to their other social media too. 
For business owners looking to grow their customer base, Facebook Ads is a great tool. 
With the right strategy and management, you can reach your target audience quickly and efficiently. 
However, without proper management, you could be wasting time and money on campaigns that won't get you any results. 
Let's look at how to effectively manage your Facebook Ads. 
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