Your Facebook Ads are an important part of your marketing efforts, and when they’re created well, they can become a key part of your online sales and engagement strategy. 
Roughly 19% of global ad revenue comes from Facebook Ads, with a user on average clicking on 12 ads each month. 
But how do you create an ad that performs well? Here are some tips on how you can start writing and creating a great Facebook Ad. 
Have A Clear CTA 
All of your ads must have some kind of clear call to action (CTA), as this is what drives people to your website and gets them engaged with your brand and your products/services. 
You need to decide what action you want the ad to take – is it to get purchases, sign ups, register interest or book a free call? You need to make this clear to your audience – mention in the ad copy exactly what you’re linking audience members to, so they know what the landing page will be without any suprises along the way. 
If you’re unsure about what route to take with your CTA, then you can pick from: awareness (such as boosting followers), conversation (engagement metrics), intent (such as encouraging a download or leading people to learn more about your product/service/business) and conversion. 
Refine Your Targeting Strategy 
Make sure you have an on-point targeting strategy ready to go. When you’re reaching the people you set out to initially target, you’ll maximise your reach and performance, and ensure your ads are only displayed to people who are the most likely ones to engage with your content. 
Refining your targeting strategy enables you to allocate your budget effectively, as you’ll be excluding anyone who doesn’t fit with your target market and aren’t interested in what you’re selling. This lets you direct your ad spend towards audiences that will be valuable to your business, meaning you’ll have a greater chance of having a good return on investment and stay aligned with your target audience. By optimising your targeting efforts over time, especially if you’re looking towards using lookalike audiences too, you can get a consistent high-performance from your Facebook Ads. 
Write A Clear Headline 
Remember – you’re on social media, and you need to be social, not sales-y. The importance of this is making sure you speak in a softer, less pushy and conversational tone, and this also includes your headline. Your products solve problems, so this could be something you mention in your headline. 
The headline is one of the first things your audience will see – so make it impactful. Using keywords helps with visibility and attracting an audience – making them want to read on and find out more. A well-crafted headline is a key element in your Facebook ads, and you can even use A/B testing to see which one works the best for your ad campaign. 
Create Unique Visuals 
Your visuals are part of what stops people in their tracks and gets them invested in the ad you have created. Images and videos enhance how effective your Facebook ad can be, conveying the message of your ad quickly, and giving audience members a better understanding of what your product or service is. Whether you’re creating a graphic or video that will help to draw people in, or you’re using some high-quality images, your visuals can help to drive the customer towards a purchasing decision. By having a compelling visual set up with your ad, then you can increase the likelihood of your conversions and reach a broader, yet relevant, audience. 
Choose The Right Ad Format 
Choosing the correct ad format is extremely important if you want to showcase your business in the light that serves your products and services best. From carousel ads to static images and playable ads, there are a number of different formats available to you. Select the format based on what the goal of your campaign is – do you want to tell a story, or would you prefer to create an instant emotional connection? 
Whatever you plan on doing with your ads, aligning your format to your goals will help to capture your audience’s attention more effectively. Strategically picking your formats can contribute to the overall success of your Facebook ad campaign so make sure you’re choosing carefully when it comes to selecting the right one. 
Facebook Ad success doesn’t happen overnight, but knowing exactly how to create them to work the best for your business can help to accelerate the journey to success. Follow these tips and start creating Facebook Ads that convert today! 
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