When it comes to social media marketing, one of the biggest elements you must consider is the visual content. 
Visual Content helps to capture the audience’s attention, whether its just an image, a video or GIF. It helps you to stand out from the crowd, especially when your visuals are created to a high standard and can represent your business and brand well. 
Here’s why creating visual content is important on social media. 
Brand Recognition 
Your visuals help with getting your brand recognised, meaning that when people notice your posts, they’ll immediately associate them with your business. When you create your visual content, think about what your USP will be. You’ll want to use your brand colours, logo and fonts in the content so that it is recognisably coming from your business, but how will you put your stamp on it? You need to stick out and be the business your potential audience goes to over your competitors, so it’s important that you’re putting out high quality visuals. 
Using resources like Canva and Adobe Photoshop will aid in content creation, and sites such as Cap-Cut will help to create things like Reels or other video content. You need to know your audience too, and researching the type of content style they interact with and the latest trends with content will help you make visuals that are impressive and attract your desired audience. 
Show Authenticity 
Your visuals will show that your business has some authenticity. This can be done by giving a behind the scenes look, introducing the audience to members of the team and allowing the audience to get to know more about your vision and message. By showing that you’re a truly authentic business through your visual content, you can build brand trust and help start building a relationship with members of the audience, helping brand loyalty too. 
Bring Your Business to Life 
Visual content, specifically video content, will help you to bring your business to life. You’ll be able to take your written content of the page, and into moving content. If the audience get to know the team, they’ll get to have more of a personal connection with you and your business. 
Use Infographics 
Infographics have become a popular form of content, especially on Instagram, and allow businesses to present information in a creative way. It allows you to put your information into graphic form rather than just a long stream of text, making it easier to digest for the audience and keeps them engaged and interested. A recent statistic has shown that an infographic is 30x more likely to be read than an article (SMA Marketing), and that presentations with infographics are 43% more persuasive to audiences (Hubspot). 
Therefore, if you’re looking for a way to take your marketing on social media to the next level, then it’s worth creating infographics as part of your social media plan. 
Enhance Marketing With Video 
It is reported that people will generally spend around 17 hours a week consuming video content, with retention rate sitting at around 54%. Of course, this all depends on the quality or the video and how engaging it is to the audience, but these statistics should make you consider using video in marketing. 
Video can also let you show your product or services in action, whether it’s done by your employees or is user-generated – helping to build your brand trust – and your audience can learn more about what you want to achieve with your business. 69% of people say that seeing a product demo assists them when it comes to their purchasing decisions, meaning it’s important to utilise the power of video content. 
Using visual content on social media is an important way to display your message, your products and get your audience engaged. You’ll be able to create a great visual feed and representation of your brand, build loyalty, trust and recognition and start the journey to having success on social media. 
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