One of the most important things you can do when your start growing a social media audience is build trust in your business. Without trust, your audience may not engage with your business. If they don’t feel like they believe in your business or your products/services then they won’t be making purchases and becoming a part of your audience. 
A survey by PwC found that 35% of respondents noted ‘trust in a brand’ as a top 3 reason that influences their purchasing decision. Therefore, it’s important that you build this trust with your customers as soon as possible. 
Here are some tips that will help you build trust on social media. 
High Quality Content 
How good is the content you’re posting? Your content needs to have some value if you want to build trust with your audience. 
In order to start creating high quality content, you need to make sure you understand your audience. What do they like, what are they engaging with on social media, what are their interests etc. If you understand who your audience are, you’ll be able to create content that is perfectly targeted towards them. 
Another thing you need to do is check out your competitors and understand how their content is benefitting their business online. You can also note down any gaps that you notice from your competitor’s content so you can fill in those gaps alongside being original with your content. This will help you position yourself as a leader in your industry. 
You need to establish your business as the go-to for products and services in your industry, so make sure your content plan is carefully created to reflect this, whilst also allowing for individuality so you can stand out from others. 
Stay Consistent With Your Branding 
Your branding is important. It needs to be intertwined with all of your products, and you need to make sure its clear on all your posts. What colours do you use? What’s your brand voice? What’s your message? These all need to be considered with every single post you make, as it helps people to understand your brand. 
Brand recognition is important in building your brand trust. When your customers can recognise your brand and you start building your following and a name for yourself, your brand trust will grow with it too. Therefore, make sure you’re considering your branding in everything you post. 
You need to be social on social media. If you’re not interacting with your customers, you won’t be building any relationship with them. 
If you get a comment on a post, make sure you reply to it within an efficient amount of time. Be sure to thank the commenter for their comment on your post, or reply to their question and begin a conversation. 
Showing you’re engaged with your comments and customers will help to build trust as it shows you appreciate the time your followers have taken to leave a comment on a piece of content you have posted. 
The same goes for reviews – acknowledging your reviews – the good and the bad – will help to build trust. Reviews are influential on a customer’s trust, so you need to make sure you’re clearing up any fake reviews or negative reviews with professionalism. 
Use User-Generated Content 
Consumers are twice as likely to share user-generated content. This is because UGC shows real-life examples of your product being used and the benefits that it has. 
When you notice UGC, make sure you interact with it, share it to your profile and thank the customer for taking their time to post about your product. You’ll be able to build brand trust this way, as it shows potential customers that your product/service works for someone just like them. 
Starting a hashtag for your product or brand will help you and other followers find all the UGC in one place, so you can interact with it and see how your product or service is being received by those who have already purchased it. 
Livestreams are important in gaining a connection with your audience and building trust with them. They’ll be able to see the person behind the business and hear your passion for your brand. 
If you’re live, you can answer questions quickly, and show the audience you appreciate the time their spending watching your lives. 
You can also show some behind the scenes exclusives and give updates on product launches so that you can get your audience excited and engaged with future projects you have. It’ll show them you have something in the works. Instagram and Facebook offer great livestreaming services for you to use if you want to speak with your audience, so make it part of your social media plan down the line. 
Building trust on social media can take time, but its crucial if you want to build your audience and trust in what it is you’re providing/selling. Try out some of these tips and increase your brand trust today. 
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