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Digital Marketing is a broad term, and encompasses many different elements – two of the biggest being social media marketing and email marketing. Both are popular with businesses looking to attract more customers beyond the traditional forms of marketing, and have seen great results for those choosing to go with these forms of digital marketing. 
Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing can both link to boost their performance on their respective platforms, whilst also tying your digital marketing efforts together. Here’s how you can link both platforms together to create a winning strategy for your business. 
If your business is moving towards email marketing, then getting your emails right is extremely important. You’ll be directly contacting your audience, and having great emails will boost open rate, engagement and sales. 
4 billion people use emails daily, with an average open rate of 46%-50%. Increasing the time you spend on email marketing can set you up for more success digitally beyond your social media marketing and website optimisation efforts, and help you discover more customers by using incentives that encourage them to sign up to your mailing list. 
Here are some top tips for creating an effective email marketing campaign. 
If your business is planning on creating a great email marketing campaign that helps you to sell, then there’s a number of things you must consider when creating your emails. 
With these campaigns being a way for you to advertise your products and offers directly to your audience, you need to find away to get your audience opening these emails and engaging with what’s included within them. 
Here's what you need to consider when you create your email marketing campaign. 
If you’re sending emails to your clients, you’ll want them to open them. However, there are many reasons why your open rate and clickthrough rate is low when it comes to your email marketing, which if optimised, could really provide you with another platform that brings you success. 
If you’ve been struggling with your email marketing, then here are some simple tips that can help to improve your open and clickthrough rate. 
With the rise of social media, many businesses don’t consider email marketing to be an important thing that they need to do when they start out. However, Email Marketing can provide you with the tools and opportunities to increase sales and your reach, especially to those of your target audience who may not use social media. 
Why exactly is email marketing so important for small businesses? 
Keep In Contact With Your Audience 
With emails, you’ll be able to keep your audience updated on new items, sales and deals that you’re running for your products. Emails can be accessed at any time on any device, so it doesn’t matter as much as social media when you’re sending your emails, as they’ll be waiting to be opened in an inbox of your target customer, instead of having to hit when there’s activity on a social media algorithm. 
Email Marketing campaigns are great ways to reach your audience directly and promote your service. Emails are personal, and people who have chosen to sign up to your lists are likely to listen to you. But where do you start? How do you get people to sign up? The process can take a long time to get right when you first start, but if you follow these tip’s you’ll begin to see your mailing list grow quicker than you would if you were figuring everything out for yourself. Let’s take a look at the ways you can create a successful email marketing campaign for your business. 
Firstly, you need to grow your email list. You can do this by asking for people to sign up when they enter your website for the first time, and offer potential discounts for their first purchase. Many companies do this in order to retrieve someone’s email, and increase sales. You can create a private Facebook group and ask for people to give their email on the questions you ask when they request to join so you can contact them, but make it optional. On Instagram, show snippets of content people might receive if they sign up to your email, and direct them to a link in your bio so they can join your mailing list. 
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