If your business is moving towards email marketing, then getting your emails right is extremely important. You’ll be directly contacting your audience, and having great emails will boost open rate, engagement and sales. 
4 billion people use emails daily, with an average open rate of 46%-50%. Increasing the time you spend on email marketing can set you up for more success digitally beyond your social media marketing and website optimisation efforts, and help you discover more customers by using incentives that encourage them to sign up to your mailing list. 
Here are some top tips for creating an effective email marketing campaign. 
Use Persuasive Language 
Persuasive language is better than neutral language when it comes to your email marketing campaigns. More often than not, you’ll want the recipient to take some kind of action after receiving an email, whether that’s simply opening your mail, taking a look at your product, or to download a video or file. By using persuasion, you will find your audience are more likely to follow what they’re being directed to do. It’s essentially a call to action, and will serve you much better than having no incentives to do anything within your email. 
Personalise Your Emails 
Personalisation doesn’t just end with addressing your email to the recipient, it can also extend to things such as the recipient’s birthday, where you can offer exclusive discounts, or can be a reminder that they’ve left something in their basket without checking out. You can even send emails promoting products similar to their shopping history – all of these can make a recipient feel valued and understood by your business. Tailored content helps you to build a relationship with your audience, establishing trust and loyalty, and can lend a hand to turning those who may have purchased when you were running a deal or have just purchased once into a repeat customer. Enhancing your email marketing campaigns with personalisation can make them more effective, seeing a boost in your open, click through and conversion rates. 
Link Your Subject Line & Copy 
Your subject line is the thing people see when they open your inboxes, and whatever you’re promising there, you need to include in the email. There’s no use offering, say, a discount in your subject line and then not including this discount in the email. They both need to be related, as it can put recipients off if the dots aren’t connected between both. This can also affect your clickthrough rate, and may see people begin to unsubscribe, especially if this becomes a frequent issue. Therefore, it’s essential you’re sending out the correct emails with the correct subject lines. 
Use Emojis 
Emoji’s make your email a little less formal, express emotion and personality, and grab an audience’s attention - giving your business a more human appearance rather than a colder, corporate tone. It also keeps you up-to-date with more modern marketing practices, and captures interest from the audience, who find their use friendlier and familiar. Whilst emoji’s are great to use, it’s best to remember that using too many of them or using them inappropriately will affect open rates, so be strategic with how, when and where you place them. 
A/B Test 
A/B testing can allow you test which email performs best. Changing designs or the subject line can let you discover which copy or style brings in the best results. A/B testing is a tried and tested method that has given business great insights when it comes to campaigns, whether that be on social media or for their emails, and is a good way of testing what your audience is more likely to engage with. Approaching your emails by using data that backs up why your going for a specific campaign enables you to make an informed decision on which email will serve your best whilst you’re running a campaign. 
Optimise For Different Devices 
55% of emails are opened on smartphones, and if you’re not optimising your campaigns for different devices, you could end up losing a large chunk of your audience. Optimising your campaigns provides a better user experience, and helps you to improve your reach, as your emails will be easier to be seen and engaged with. Adapting your emails for different audiences will mean you won’t be isolating a section of your audience who do want to receive emails from your business, but will be accessing them on another device instead of the traditional desktop method. Functionality is key in all areas of business, and your emails are no different, so when you create your campaign, ensure you test how it appears on each device and make any tweaks. If you’ve noticed problems with open rates on smartphones or tablets, you should also take a look at the way your emails are appearing on these devices, as this could be a sign of a potential problem. 
Creating an email campaign can expand your digital marketing and improve your visibility, sales and reach. Get started on your email marketing today and see how it can help your business! 
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