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There are so many different forms of content to use on social media - from text-based posts to elaborate videos and graphics, your content is what draws the audience in and gets them engaging with your business online. 
Whether you’re just starting out or you’re overhauling your content strategy, picking the right style depends on your business and your plans to engage your target audience. 
If you’re looking for the best content style for you, here’s what you could be using for your social media marketing…. 
When you use social media to engage with brands, you may start to notice that each of your favourite businesses uses a different tone in their posts or ads, that helps you instantly recognise them and connect with what they’re saying or selling. 
This is their brand voice, and all businesses must adapt their own, unique brand voice if they’re planning to seriously start marketing on social media. 
Here’s how you can find your own brand voice. 
Any business planning on using social media to promote themselves needs to have a social media marketing strategy. 
This strategy is what the business and its employees would follow when it comes to social media content and management. Without having a clear and well-thought-out strategy, businesses can run into trouble, and see their social media marketing efforts fail. 
Here is how you can create a successful social media marketing strategy. 
Know Your Goals 
What are you aiming to achieve? Knowing your goals is the first step in creating your strategy. This is what your strategy will be based around, and without knowing your goals you won’t be able to measure your success or return on investment. 
If you’re running marketing campaigns, then you need to consider user generated content. 
User Generated Content (UGC) can help to build trust in your brand, allow you to create good relationships with your customers and boost the power of your social media marketing campaigns. 
Here’s why you should use User Generated Content. 
What is User Generated Content? 
UGC is original content that is created by your customers and published on social media. This can be anything from testimonials to video reviews, and can be a great source of engagement for your social media. 
This content can also give you feedback on the products and services that you sell, so you can make improvements if necessary. 60% of consumers believe UGC is the most authentic marketing content, so businesses must consider how it could work for them. Here are some ways to create UGC. 
When it comes to social media marketing, one of the biggest elements you must consider is the visual content. 
Visual Content helps to capture the audience’s attention, whether its just an image, a video or GIF. It helps you to stand out from the crowd, especially when your visuals are created to a high standard and can represent your business and brand well. 
Here’s why creating visual content is important on social media. 
With Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming a popular medium to use for businesses, we’re beginning to see more and more content created using the functions of AI. 
But whilst AI can have it’s benefits for business owners, there are also downsides that must be considered if businesses are planning on implementing it in their future content strategies. 
Here are the positives, and negatives, to using AI for content creation. 
One of the most important things you can do when your start growing a social media audience is build trust in your business. Without trust, your audience may not engage with your business. If they don’t feel like they believe in your business or your products/services then they won’t be making purchases and becoming a part of your audience. 
A survey by PwC found that 35% of respondents noted ‘trust in a brand’ as a top 3 reason that influences their purchasing decision. Therefore, it’s important that you build this trust with your customers as soon as possible. 
Here are some tips that will help you build trust on social media. 
High Quality Content 
How good is the content you’re posting? Your content needs to have some value if you want to build trust with your audience. 
In order to start creating high quality content, you need to make sure you understand your audience. What do they like, what are they engaging with on social media, what are their interests etc. If you understand who your audience are, you’ll be able to create content that is perfectly targeted towards them. 
So, you have your businesses social media set up, and now you need to make an impression. Social Media posts can help you to sell and advertise your products to a larger group of people who may otherwise have never come across your business. 
Creating a social media strategy will help you with marketing your business online to the correct audiences that you’ve identified as good for your business, and a big part of that marketing is the content that you’re posting. Your content needs to speak to your audience, and if it doesn’t, you won’t be getting the engagement or potential sales that you desire from your social media. 
Here are some tips on how to write social media posts that sell.  
You need to research your audience and their interests before you create any content, whether that be the post copy, graphics or video content. What are they currently engaging with? It always helps to look at competitors who have similar audiences to the one you plan to target to see how they are getting engagement from their followers. You can also use this research to capitalize on areas that your competitors may not be the strongest in, and implement them into your posts. 
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