With Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming a popular medium to use for businesses, we’re beginning to see more and more content created using the functions of AI. 
But whilst AI can have it’s benefits for business owners, there are also downsides that must be considered if businesses are planning on implementing it in their future content strategies. 
Here are the positives, and negatives, to using AI for content creation. 
Creating Relevant Content 
Positive - AI can help to produce content that is relevant and consistent, and can save you time having to write the content yourself. It can be a useful assistant in helping you to create content for your social media platforms and website whilst you focus on other aspects of your business away from content marketing. It also ensures you’ll have content ready to go out at all times, so you won’t fall behind schedule
Negative – Whilst AI can be useful, if you don’t keep the AI up to date with your latest content plans it won’t produce content that is relevant to your business and may hinder any social media marketing campaigns you’re running. It may also lack consistency when it comes to your brand voice, as despite the technology being advanced, it still isn’t a human who knows the ins and outs of your businesses style. 
Optimising for SEO 
Positive – Having good SEO optimisation is always a positive thing, as it helps with your ranking and appearance on search engines. Good SEO can improve the organic traffic that’s coming to your business, and can really help you become successful as your business’s visibility begins to grow. AI can help with making sure your content is optimised for SEO. 
Negative – Optimising for SEO includes things such as using relevant key words and hashtags, that AI may not automatically place into the content it produces for you – which then doesn’t help your SEO, or leaves you to do it when you see the produced content, which still takes up your time. 
Matching You with Influencers 
Positive - If part of your content plan is working with influencers, then AI can pair you with influencers who it finds match up with your business the best. Influencer recommendations will always help your business reach a new audience and potentially grow your brand, and AI can find the best influencers for you 
Negative – Despite AI finding the best match, you will still have to do your own research into the people it has found for you. You know your business and your audience best, and whilst some influencers may match with similar interests that are shared between themselves and your business, they may have a different audience that won’t end up being beneficial to your business in the long run. An influencer has to bring value to your business, as much as your business need to bring value to them, and the best way to achieve this is by having human interactions and connections. 
Saving Time 
Positive – AI helps you to save time writing content yourself, which opens up spare hours in the day to get things completed. This can be crucial to your businesses success, as you can start working on bigger projects without the worry of creating social media content hanging over your head - it will be taken care of for you. 
Negative – Whilst AI may be cheaper, it’s no different to outsourcing your social media to another business. This means you’ll still be getting free time in the day, whilst a trained professional is taking care of your social media content elsewhere. You also have the benefit of working with a human, that can ensure all of your requirements are met and that content is kept in you brand voice, stye and tone, so your audience can see a seamless transition between your own page management, and the outsourced page management. 
As AI starts to become the ‘new normal’ there are many things to consider before you take the plunge into using it for your business. Make sure you take everything into account as your judge what works best for your business, and confidently move forward in the choice you make when you’ve weighed up the pros and cons of using AI. 
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