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If you’re advertising on social media, then you’ll need to make sure your ad campaigns are working at their maximum potential for your goals. 
Optimising your campaign is the first step in ensuring success – if you market to the correct audience, then you’ll be able to draw in customers and increase the success of your business. 
Here are some tips you can use to optimise your ad campaigns. 
Use Multi-Channel Campaigns 
Multi-Channel Campaigns allow you to increase your exposure. By advertising on more than one platform, you can reach more of your audience – research by Business 2 Community found that multi-channel customers will spend 3-4 times more than the average single-channel customer. This means that by increasing your ad reach to more than one channel, you’ll be able to convert more customers and earn more revenue. 
We’ve had a lot of updates for social media platforms this June, from new features to monetisation opportunities. 
Here’s the latest updates in the world of social media this month…. 
Instagram Tests AI Chatbot in DMs 
Meta are currently experimenting with using AI, and over on Instagram they have introduced a new AI chatbot. This works similarly to Snapchats ‘My AI’, where users can ask questions and get instant responses. By @’ing the AI in your DMs, you can incorporate the feature into discussions. 
Mark Zuckerberg spoke of Meta’s current decision to focus on developing AI features: “In the short term, we’ll focus on building creative and expressive tools. Over the longer term, we’ll focus on developing AI personas that can help people in a variety of ways. We’re exploring experiences with text, with images, and with video and multi-modal experiences.” 
Social media is a great tool when it comes to creating lasting and meaningful relationships with your customers, and in turn, can really help you to build customer loyalty. 
It does work to build these relationships however, and making sure they’re retained is an ongoing process. Turning your customer into someone who is a loyal and valuable asset to your business is key to your success, and the power of social media can help you to do just that. 
Here’s how you can use social media to build customer relationships 
Any business planning on using social media to promote themselves needs to have a social media marketing strategy. 
This strategy is what the business and its employees would follow when it comes to social media content and management. Without having a clear and well-thought-out strategy, businesses can run into trouble, and see their social media marketing efforts fail. 
Here is how you can create a successful social media marketing strategy. 
Know Your Goals 
What are you aiming to achieve? Knowing your goals is the first step in creating your strategy. This is what your strategy will be based around, and without knowing your goals you won’t be able to measure your success or return on investment. 
When you create Facebook Ads, you’ll be expecting them to bring you good results. When you don’t seem to be getting these results however, it can be disappointing and may make you think Facebook Ads aren’t worth investing in. 
However, there are many common mistakes people make when they create their Facebook Ads, that can have an impact on their performance. 
Here are the Facebook Ad mistakes to avoid. 
If you’re running marketing campaigns, then you need to consider user generated content. 
User Generated Content (UGC) can help to build trust in your brand, allow you to create good relationships with your customers and boost the power of your social media marketing campaigns. 
Here’s why you should use User Generated Content. 
What is User Generated Content? 
UGC is original content that is created by your customers and published on social media. This can be anything from testimonials to video reviews, and can be a great source of engagement for your social media. 
This content can also give you feedback on the products and services that you sell, so you can make improvements if necessary. 60% of consumers believe UGC is the most authentic marketing content, so businesses must consider how it could work for them. Here are some ways to create UGC. 
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