Social media is a great tool when it comes to creating lasting and meaningful relationships with your customers, and in turn, can really help you to build customer loyalty. 
It does work to build these relationships however, and making sure they’re retained is an ongoing process. Turning your customer into someone who is a loyal and valuable asset to your business is key to your success, and the power of social media can help you to do just that. 
Here’s how you can use social media to build customer relationships 
Create A Dedicated Channel 
Having a dedicated channel to directly interact with your customers is a great way to reach out to customers, speak directly to them and start building your relationship. Different channels could include having a separate account on Twitter, that deals with customer service enquiries, or using your Facebook messenger chat to allow customers to submit any requests or queries with the knowledge that they’ll be getting a response from you in good time. 
Responding quickly to your enquiries will help to build trust with your business and help you have good brand reputation, as customers will recognise that you care to get their problems solved or questions answered quickly. 
Use Social Listening 
Social Listening is where you monitor activity online that relates to your brand or key topics in your industry. By using social listening, you’ll be able to get a good idea of how people view your brand and your content. 
When you have this information, you can use it to make changes where they may be needed, such as tweaking campaigns or changing how you approach customer enquiries. Knowing what your customers think about you, care about within your industry and what they interact with will help you craft your approach to your marketing and relationship building with them. 
Personalise Your Messaging and Offer Discounts 
By personalising the messages and responses you give to your audience, you’ll be speaking directly to them, and answering their exact enquiry. Personalisation doesn’t just have to be addressing customers by name in replies either – it can simply be liking their content, or reposting it (with permission) – this is called user generated content
This user generated content – which you can encourage your audience to post - won’t just help you build a loyal relationship with the customer who posted it originally, it can help you attract new customers and show to your potential ones that what your selling is working for people who are just like them. 
You can also offer your customers special offers when it comes to the information they’ve given you – commonly, businesses will offer discounts to those who have birthday’s coming up, which is specially addressed to the customer. By personalising your discounts and offers, you can help to build your relationship and loyalty with the customers. You can also offer rewards to customers who have been loyal to your business and make regular purchases from you. 
Make Your Brand Voice Relatable 
Having a brand voice that is relatable to your audience helps you form the way you speak to them. You don’t need to be extremely friendly, as if you know the customer, but you can have fun with your interactions and help build a community around your business. 
By sharing content that is relevant to your audience, such as memes, videos, or other trends they may engage with, you can show them that you understand them and recognise and care about the type of content they interact with. 
Start Groups 
Facebook Groups are ways for you to build a community with the most loyal customers and build relationships with them. You can share a private group with your audience, allowing them to join if they wish. You can use this group to share exclusive content, gain a deeper understanding of what your audience want from you, ask them for any ideas or wishes for your future content or product output. Having this kind of community around your brand will allow you to have a loyal customer base who you can trust and rely on when it comes to your interactions and questions that you put to them. 
By working towards having lasting and loyal relationships with your customers, you’ll be able to boost your businesses success, trust and reputation. Start using these methods to build meaningful relationships with customers today! 
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