If you’re running marketing campaigns, then you need to consider user generated content. 
User Generated Content (UGC) can help to build trust in your brand, allow you to create good relationships with your customers and boost the power of your social media marketing campaigns. 
Here’s why you should use User Generated Content. 
What is User Generated Content? 
UGC is original content that is created by your customers and published on social media. This can be anything from testimonials to video reviews, and can be a great source of engagement for your social media. 
This content can also give you feedback on the products and services that you sell, so you can make improvements if necessary. 60% of consumers believe UGC is the most authentic marketing content, so businesses must consider how it could work for them. Here are some ways to create UGC. 
Customer Content 
Content created directly by your customers that they have organically decided to share will help you build up trust in your brand. If you’re not involved in the creation of this content, and it simply comes from a satisfied customer who’s given you permission to share their review, then your potential customers will be able to see that your product/service could also have a benefit for them. 
You can ask your loyal customers to post about their experiences with using your products and services as well, because this can help you market these to the audience. When a potential customer can see someone else like them using the product/service marketed towards them, it helps to convince them that the same product/service will have similar benefits if they were to purchase it. 
Employee Content 
Employee’s can also provide you with content, which can help them give the audience a behind-the-scenes look, establishing the authenticity and identity of the brand. Your audience will get to know a bit about who works for you and why they enjoy being employed by your company. 
It also can help to convey the values of your brand to your audience – for example, if your brand is big on sustainability, show your audience how your business is working to achieve this. When your audience can align with your ethos and see what efforts you’re taking to live up to it, you’ll be able to build up trust in your brand. 
User Generated Content Creators 
UGC creators that your audience know and trust can be great for UGC. This content isn’t organic, but sponsored content can appear authentic. It’s specifically designed to promote a product or service you offer, and can help to open your business up to their followers – helping to grow your presence on social media. 
As long as the audience is aware the UGC is sponsored, then they won’t be led into a false sense of security, and you’ll still be able to gain trust in your brand without harming your reputation if you pay people to speak about your brand without it behind stated, or pay them to lie about your products benefits. 
Despite this content being sponsored, it needs to also be authentic – if an audience can sense inauthenticity, you’ll be spending money on influencers that don’t give you anything in return. 
Why UGC is Important 
User Generated Content has a number of benefits for businesses. Firstly, as mentioned, your brand loyalty and trust can increase. UGC creates conversations and questions, and you can get involved, provide answers, join discussions and improve your customer relationships. 
UGC can help the buyer’s journey, with 79% of people saying that UGC impacts their purchasing decisions. This can be great for your business when you’re looking to convert your audience into customers. 
Types of UGC 
There are many different types of UGC that your business can take advantage of – it’s important to make sure these fit with your brand, and are suitable for your marketing plans. 
These types are: 
• Product reviews 
• Testimonials 
UGC is an important part of marketing and can give you some great engagement and sales if you choose to use it in your social media marketing plan. Start implementing this into your plans and discover the benefits of user generated content today. 
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