If you’re looking to use Facebook Live, you need to make sure you’re getting the most benefit out of it. Turning on your camera and talking to your audience is just the first step to using it as a part of your marketing strategy. 
Here are some tips you can follow in order to make Facebook Live a big part of your social media marketing 
Ask Your Community What They Want to Hear 
Not only is this a great way of getting topics for your live, but it will also bring you engagement. Asking your audience what they want to hear from your live will help you gather what topics they’re interested in. Acknowledging their responses or asking further questions about their query will show them that you’ve considered their response. This will also make them want to tune in and watch your live when it happens as they’ll actively be waiting to hear you answer the question that they have. 
Advertise Your Live to Your Audience 
Tell your audience when your live is going to take place and remind them a couple of hours beforehand. This will keep it on their radar, and they’ll remember that it is happening. You can even send out reminders in direct messages to the main audience members that interact with you, so that you’ll be able to get the core of your audience involved in your live content. When you remind the audience about your live, state the topics you’ll be discussing so that your audience is aware of what it is that you will be speaking about and whether it will add value to them or answer their questions. 
Figure Out Your Topics Beforehand 
Don’t just switch your live on without a plan. Before you start, list your topics and the key areas within them that you want to discuss, along with the questions your audience have asked you to answer for them. By doing this, you won’t forget anything that you had planned to discuss and will be able to structure your live in an easy to follow, engaging way. 
Acknowledge Your Live Viewers 
Shouting out your followers and answering any incoming conversations in the live chat will make your Live feel interactive. Not acknowledging your viewers can make the stream feel more like they’re watching a video or a person reading a script than it does an engaging session with the face behind the brand. Talk to them and make them feel included. This will also further help you when you’re doing future live videos, as you’ll be seen as a friendly and engaging person who cares about their viewers opinions. 
Look At Your Insights 
When deciding the optimal time to go live, look at your insights. Start just before your insights usually spike and your viewers come online, as then you’ll appear at the top of their feeds as soon as they log onto Facebook. This will ensure that your live video is seen by your audience and will attract viewers. 
Throughout The Live, Give Context 
Tell your audience every so often what you’ve discussed already and what you’ve spoken about. Also, welcome new viewers every so often. It’s easy to assume people automatically know what you’re discussing, but some viewers may come from outside of your community and have missed your initial posts in the lead up to the live. Let them know what you’re discussing so everyone is involved. 
Promote Your Live on Platforms Outside of Facebook 
If you have Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, let your audience on there know you’re going live, the time and date so you can bring viewers over from your other platforms. This is specifically beneficial if these platforms are bigger that the one you have on Facebook as it can drive new likes and followers. 
Facebook Live is a great way to connect with your audience and give them a more personal relationship with you and your brand. Using it will be beneficial to you and to them. Start adding it to your social media marketing strategy today. 
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