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If you’re creating Facebook Ads, then you must ensure the dimensions are correct so they’re displayed perfectly when they start running. 
With a variety of ad formats and placements that are available, understanding Facebook Ad Dimensions make the difference between a professional ad and one that appears unfinished or distorted. 
In this blog, we’ll take a look at the different Facebook Ad Dimensions for 2024, and discuss the benefits to running an ad campaign on the platform itself. 

Facebook Ad Image Dimensions 

There are multiple different options for images with Facebook Ads that vary based on the ad format you choose. 
If you’re using Feed Ads, your image should be a resolution of at least 1080 by 1080 pixels, or anything up to 30 megabytes. The minimum requirement for your Facebook Ad dimensions is 600 by 600 pixels, but there is no maximum size. Feed Ad image ratios go from 1.91:1 to 4:5, however if you’re using any stock images or you are advertising an offer then your image should be in the 1.91:1 ratio. 
For Facebook Ad Dimensions for carousel ads, file size can also be up to 30 megabytes, and at least 1080 x 1080 pixels in resolution. The image ratio should be anywhere between 1.9:1 and 1:1, and the maximum image size is 600 x 600 pixels. The same thing applies for column ads, article ads, collection ads and marketplace ads, although image ratio for these is 1:1. 
For stories, things change slightly- file size stays at the maximum 30mb, but the image size can be up to 500 pixels and 1080 x 1080 in resolution. The ratio is 1:1. Facebook does recommend leaving space at the top and bottom of story ads for a call to action and in-app features such as links or text. 

Facebook Ad Video Dimensions 

If you’re using videos, then the Facebook Ad Dimensions are as follows: 
- At least 1080 x 1080 pixels 
- Use the highest resolutions, as Facebook doesn’t have a maximum for videos 
- Use MP4, MOV or GIF Ad formats 
- Video length can be anywhere between 1 second to 240 minutes 
- Ratio is 1:1 
In stream videos have this set up, and you can use 2-10 videos for this style of ad. 

Benefits Of Facebook Ads 

Facebook Ads give your business a direct opportunity to reach out to the exact audience you’ve been looking for, allowing you to target them specifically on things such as age, gender, job and location along with much more to give you a better chance at converting. They also offer in-depth analytics into your performance and make it easy to understand how your paid advertising methods are working for your business. As one of the most popular advertising platforms on social media, Facebook have perfected their offerings when it comes to their Ad offerings, ensuring your business is set up for success when your ads are created to perfectly display what your business is selling or advertising to users. 

Benefits Of Outsourcing 

If you don’t have time to manage your Facebook Ads, you’ve tried it with little success or you simply don’t know where to start, outsourcing could be the better – and cheaper – option. Instead of spending your money on trying and testing methods yourself, pay someone else to take on your Facebook Ads that know exactly what to do to bring you the highest ROI and conversions. 
22:22 Marketing offer outsourced Facebook Ads Management, where you’ll receive everything from the creation to management of your Ad on the platform. We know how to create an ad that performs, using our methods to deliver the right style of ad for your business. Don’t spend all of your time trying to figure out what work best for your business, hand it over to experts that can bring you results. See more of what we offer by taking a look at our Facebook Ads Management page, or Book A Call by filling out the form below to get started. 
June is coming to an end, which means it’s time for another social media roundup! 
We’ve seen quite a few updates to digital platforms over the last month, so let’s take a look at what’s been hitting the headlines over the last few weeks… 

AI Insights Added To Google Ads 

Google Analytics 4 has been updated, now offering AI-powered notes created to highlight key data events, using more simplified language for better understanding. Google have explained this by saying: “Imagine your “Purchase” events spiked on a series of individual dates. Our AI engine works through the countless combinations of dimensions and metrics to proactively connect the dots, explaining why these spikes are happening. These insights will be written in a natural, easy-to-understand way, almost like a colleague summarizing the key takeaways for you.” 
With Google Analytics 4 becoming the standard platform from July 1st, they’ll be adding aggregated impressions from the linked Campaign Manager 360 accounts. Cross-channel budgeting will also be added so users can see their projected performance against target objectives. 

AI Assistance Tools Expanded For YouTube Creators 

Struggling for video ideas? YouTube has updated their ‘Research’ tab – renamed the ‘Inspiration’ tab - in YouTube Studio to provide AI recommendations for creators looking for some ideas on what videos they should make. YouTube have commented on this: “Breakout Videos will highlight videos from similar channels that have performed exceedingly well. The goal is to give creators a more holistic understanding of channels similar to them, what content is resonating with their audience, and inspiration.” 
They’re also adding A.I. tips, where creators will add a topic into the search bar so YouTube’s AI can provide ideas and notes based on what viewers may be interested in watching, and can generate a bullet pointed outline to help you get to grips with these suggestions. 
They’re rolling these out currently, and hope to have them in the EU and the UK soon. 

TikTok to Add ‘Virtual Influencers’ 

TikTok stay ahead of the curve by taking the AI boom further – now allowing businesses to choose from digital characters in their ‘Symphony’ Platform that can advertise their products and services on TikTok Live. 
If you don’t want to use one of their digital creators, you can create your own, which have the ability to advertise in multiple languages. 
The feature has been used in China since 2022, and has seen huge results for business owners who have seen their sales rocket thanks to these 24/7 livestreaming virtual influencers. 
TikTok have added further detail on this new innovation: “To help creators and brands captivate global audiences and deliver impactful messages in an immersive and authentic way, we are excited to announce Symphony Digital Avatars. Digital Avatars help breathe life into branded content with generative A.I. avatars of real people, which will enable new ways to scale creative strategies on TikTok.” 

Meta Adding New Features 

AI seems to be the topic for June – and Meta aren’t getting left behind. 
First of all, they’re rolling out an A.I. Q and A feature to help streamline the query process for businesses and their customers. 
They’re also offering users the chance to sign up to business’ marketing – from then on, any messages, offers or information from businesses will be sent directly to a user’s Messenger inboxes. 
Broadcast Channels are set to be rolled out for Facebook Pages with 10,000 or more followers, allowing businesses with smaller audiences the chance to get their followers into one channel and communicate with them directly. 

X Analytics Updated…For Premium Users 

Probably the most significant update this month for marketers on X – they’ve finally switched over what was Twitter Analytics to X Analytics, with a catch. 
The previously free-for-all feature has been locked behind a paywall, with users signed up to X Premium or the tier above the only ones able to access their advanced analytics. 
These analytics are now offering the following: total impressions, engagement rate, profile visits, video performance, link clicks and a new display to allow ease of access to different data. 
X have been slowly trying to drive up subscriptions in the last 2 years, with little success of hitting any of their targets to do so. By putting analytics behind a paywall, it’s just another way they hope to get people to pay for previously free features. The question remains whether they will – analytics are imperative to businesses whose main marketing is done on X, but often they’ll be using multiple platforms – so using another website who can provide the same info in one central place is probably the way many will go. 
That’s all for June! Have a great July and keep an eye out for any updates to come over the next month. 
Your social media tip this month is: Many business owners I speak to struggle to get their ads in front of the right people, pouring money into campaigns but seeing little return. 
You see the key to cost-effective, profitable paid ad campaigns is understanding your audience better. 
By using detailed targeting options and creating content that resonates with your ideal customers, you can turn your ads around and start seeing some real results. 
So, here are three tips that when used will help improve your ad performance: 
✅️ Research Your Audience - Dive deep into their interests, behaviours, and demographics. 
✅️ Test Different Ad Formats - Experiment with images, videos, and carousels to see what works best. 
✅️ Monitor and Adjust - Regularly check your ad performance and tweak your targeting and content as needed. 
These 3 simple steps can transform your ad strategy and help you see much better results. 💡 
Advertising on social media has paved the way for businesses to grow their audiences, make more sales and see growing success. Facebook is one of the markets leaders when it comes to such ads, providing a platform that makes the creation of ads a relatively simple process, and gives valuable insights into your performance – allowing you to make tweaks to improve the performance of your ads as they run. Facebook Ads also have the highest ROI for social media advertising, making it a key component in a digital marketing strategy. 
If you don’t think Facebook Ads will work for you – think again. Here’s why your business should be advertising on Facebook…. 

Audience Reach 

One of the best things Facebook offers you is unparalleled access to your audience – with 3 billion worldwide users, you target customer will definitely be out there, waiting for a business just like yours to solve the problems they’re having with a product or service that matches their needs and requirements. 
Facebooks targeting capabilities are one of the most attractive parts of choosing Facebook over its counterparts, allowing not just the most basic levels of picking your ideal customers characteristics, but micro-targeting options that narrow down the size of your audience to help you not only with costs, but also ensures you mostly reach the audience who’ll be likely to make a purchase. Facebook has data on all of their users – such as age, gender, job - that makes targeting a simple process, with audience segments further boosting the suitability of the people your ads are displayed too. These segments include such things as income, behaviour, education, interests – metrics that can be leveraged to give your business a better chance at converting users. 

Brand Awareness 

Facebook Ads appear on feeds, and make audiences aware of your business whilst they’re scrolling through said feed. Ads that are creative, attractive and stop users in their tracks further help with this brand awareness even if the user doesn’t convert to a customer straight away, but interacts with the ad in some capacity. Ad are your chance to make an impression, and sticking in the minds of users is imperative if you want to grow your presence on social media. 

Analytics & Insights  

It’s pretty likely you’ll already know that checking your insights and analytics is one of the key components to social media marketing. Facebooks Ad Manager offers you information on clicks, cost per click, reach and impressions, letting you know what is or isn’t working with the ad so you can make the changes needed to keep expenses low and retain your customers. These are real time results that must be checked and tracked regularly so you can analyse your ad performance over time. 

A/B Testing 

A/B testing can be a huge help to advertising on social media – allowing you to make different versions of the same ad and review the results to see which performs best. Facebook offers this as a specific feature, with the ‘winner’ of the A/B testing becoming the ad that’s displayed Facebook wide. This style of ad helps you test strategies, and gives you the options of using different variables to figure out the best way to go forward with your advertising methods in future campaigns. 

Mobile Optimisation 

Facebook Ads are optimised for mobile, and with 98.5% of users using mobile devices to open Facebook, meaning you won’t have to worry about making different ad formats in order to fit with both mobile and desktop devices. Mobile optimisation provides a seamless and engaging experience for users and advertisers, allowing you to reach your target audience whether they’re at home or on the go. 
Facebook Advertising is a huge part of what makes social media marketing a key part of strategies for many businesses looking to excel their digital presence. Start your journey by creating an ad today! 
Facebook and LinkedIn both have benefits for businesses looking to improve their online marketing efforts, but they both have features that may be more suited to how your business operates digitally. 
Want to know which is best for your business? Here’s all your need to know about LinkedIn and Facebook Marketing… 

User Base 

Facebook is the bigger platform, with over 3 billion users compared to LinkedIn’s 875 million, but that doesn’t mean Facebook is the better platform. Whilst it has a bigger audience, both platforms were created for different reasons, with Facebook made for people to connect with friends and LinkedIn for professional connections. Knowing exactly who your target market is will help when it comes to selecting your platform for digital marketing, as you’ll be able to get a feel for which site they may populate the most. 

Looking For B2B Marketing? Try LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a platform for professionals, so if you’re looking to connect with like-minded business owners and use social-selling to get your business out there. Share thoughts with others in your industry, join groups that are relevant, and post content that’s valuable and insightful. LinkedIn was built for networking, so don’t worry about creating those valuable connections with people – they’ll likely be clued up on terminology and the ins and outs of your industry. 

Facebook Is Best For B2C 

If you would prefer B2C Marketing, you should take a look at Facebook. Facebook allows you to connect with your target customers and see what they think of your business. It also offers diverse targeting when it comes to paid ads, so you can reach out to the exact people who have an interest in your business and your products helping you build brand awareness, engage with customers directly and gather your insights through analytics. 

LinkedIn Groups vs Facebook Groups 

Both platforms offer groups, which are good ways to reach more people and build good relationships for your business. 
LinkedIn Groups are a place for industry professionals to gather and discuss the goings-on in your sector. You can also share your own experiences, and the latest news from your industry. There are also people in these groups that may not be leaders, but professionals who could benefit from the advice you share. Take a look into some groups that interest you and see the style of posts and engagements they get before joining. 
Facebook Groups also let you operate in a similar to LinkedIn, but you have to remember whilst you’re the professional, a lot of those in these groups won’t have heard the industry-lingo you know about so keep things a little more-simple. A lot of businesses create their own groups as an incentive to build brand loyalty and trust, offering those in there exclusive updates, discounts, Q&A sessions and more, and with over 400 million people in groups they find meaningful you can build a solid digital marketing foundation from Facebook just through your groups. 

Facebook Ads vs. LinkedIn Ads 

Facebook and LinkedIn both offer Ads, and whilst Facebook Ads are arguably the best out there on social media, LinkedIn Ads shouldn’t be discounted. LinkedIn Ads don’t have the same, low cost-per-click Facebook Ads do, but they are great - especially for Lead Generation adverts and reaching other Business owners. Facebook Ads are much more personalised, and have better targeting options that allow you to really narrow down you audience so you can be sure you’re reaching out exactly to the people who would be interested in your business and what you have to sell. 
Facebook and LinkedIn are both great platforms to use when it comes to your marketing, but selecting the right one and building on it will help to grow your business on either platform and create a loyal base of followers and customers. 
Facebook has over 3 billion users worldwide, and advertising on the platform can bring you a lot of sales and new audiences if done correctly. Facebook ads are one of the most popular forms of social media advertising, and can be a huge part of your digital marketing campaigns. 
Here are 5 reasons why you should consider Facebook Ads… 
Targeting options on Facebook are some of the most advanced, with businesses being able to go for specific interests to narrow down audiences more than they already have by looking at things such as gender, age, location and job. Targeting is such a highly important of creating great ads due to its ability to make sure you’re reaching the exact people you want engaging with your business, giving you a better ROI. 
If you’ve looked into marketing your business on social media, chances are you’ve heard of the terms ‘Impressions’ and ‘Reach’. 
If you’ve never come across them before, it may be difficult to know what they both exactly mean, and how important they are to your overall Marketing efforts, but that doesn’t mean you should totally ignore what the numbers are saying. 
Here’s more information on reach vs impressions. 
Facebook has over 3 billion users, meaning your target audience will be out there, waiting for a product/service just like yours to solve their problems, and Facebook Ads are the perfect way to get out in front of your target audience. 
This form of PPC can be of great benefit to those who optimise their campaigns to get a ROI that far outweighs the cost of running the ad, but some people often find themselves running into trouble with their campaigns due to mistakes that can be easily avoided. 
Here’s 5 common mistakes you need to avoid with your Facebook Ads… 
Facebook is one of the most popular platforms to use for those looking to market their business on social media. 
With over 3 billion active users, Facebook gives you the opportunity to reach an audience you wouldn’t usually find if you’re not engaging with the digital side of marketing. It’s a huge platform allowing you to bring in the sales and audience you dream of. 
Getting engagement helps to boost your posts, create a loyal base of customers and followers and puts you as an industry lead. 
Here’s how you can increase your Facebook engagement. 
We’re coming to the end of February, meaning there’s been a couple of updates in the world of social media and digital marketing. 
Here’s all the news this month… 
Updates For Threads 
Threads has hit 130m users, and with the app now becoming available to those within the EU growth has become steady. Mark Zuckerberg has said: “Threads now has more people actively using it today than it did during its initial launch peak, so that one’s I think on track to be a major success.” Whilst Threads still has a long way to go with development if it wants to really challenge X, it’s expansion of users since launching in mid-2023 has been impressive. 
When you begin marketing on Facebook, one of the first things you must do is create a business page. This page will be the basis of your marketing, giving you the tools to make your social media marketing a success. 
It’s important you get your business page right, as it’s the hub of everything you do, and one of the first places potential audience members will look for more information about what you do. 
Here’s how you can engage customers with an ideal business page on Facebook. 
Happy 2024! As we enter the New Year, we can expect lots of updates coming to social media as 2024 progresses, and have started to see updates being rolled out this January. 
Here’s all the social media news this January. 
Detailed Targeting Options To Be Removed For Facebook Ads 
Meta have announced certain targeting options are to be removed from Facebook Ads due to low usage, being too specific and causing issues due to sensitive topics such as race, ethnicity and health. 
Retargeting campaigns are designed to engage any customers who have previously shown some interest in your business’ website or app but haven’t yet converted into a client. 
77% of marketers use retargeting in Facebook and Instagram advertising, so there’s no better time to start you retargeting efforts than the present. Retargeted customers are 70% more likely to convert, meaning there’s a world of potential customers out there that you could be reaching. 
Here’s your guide to Facebook retargeting campaigns. 
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