When you elect Facebook as your business’ chosen platform for your social media marketing, you need to be able to promote and market your business effectively whilst also creating a connection with your audience and building up a loyal following. 
Promoting your business on Facebook doesn’t have to be difficult, however it can be tough to know exactly where to start – especially if this is your first foray into the world of social media marketing and using the tools Facebook has on offer to aid businesses with building a presence online. 
Here’s how you can use Facebook to promote your business on social media… 
Create A Business Page 
You need to create a Facebook Business Page to really get started and gain access to tools provided by Facebook business pages. 
To do this, simply click ‘pages’, then ‘create a new page’. You’ll be asked some basic info, such as your business’ name, profile picture and cover photo, contact numbers, what kind of business you run – this forms the basis for your business page. 
When this is done, it’s time to start optimising your Facebook page. To do this, you need to form the about section of your business page, by adding in contact information, physical store location address (if applicable) and a call to action (such as ‘shop now’). You can even draft some posts ready to go at the start of your marketing journey to get your name out there, and help your new audience get to know more about your business. 
Discover The Power of Facebook Groups 
Facebook Groups are a powerful tool, with research showing that half of Facebook users are in groups, with 77% saying that the communities that are most important to them now has a presence online. 
Start thinking of which groups your ideal audience members are likely to populate. Then, join these groups and start your marketing efforts. Make sure you follow the rules of the group, and create connections with those people who suit your target demographic. If you already have a business page and audience but want to take it to the next level, you can create your own group and use this as a way to get your most dedicated customers in one place and provide them with exclusives and updates. 
Interact With Your Audience 
Your audience is an important component of your business, and is what can help your business survive or fail. If you engage with your audience, answer their question and queries, clear up any negative feedback in good time and in general, just make them feel valued. This can help to build trust in your business, and lets you understand their needs. 
Reading their feedback can help you tailor your social media strategies towards the wants and needs of the audience, helping to create a positive image for your brand, and make your business one that listens to it’s audience members and wants to make improvements to it's marketing. 
Discover Live Streaming 
Facebook live allows you reach out directly to your audience, and get them involved in your content. This lets you request questions from your audience, answer them in real time, and talk about the topics the audience want to hear about the most. 
It shows that there is a human face behind the brand, increasing your visibility and reach, and will appear at the top of newsfeeds – enhancing your presence and helping to draw new viewers and audiences in. 
Facebook Ads 
Facebook Ads don’t even have to be expensive – they allow you to really target that audience you’ve always been looking for, get the conversions you need and gather valuable insights on how you’re performing. 
Ads provide you with targeted exposure, and can generate multiples leads and give you a lot of exposure if designed and inputted correctly on the platform. You’ll need an ad account and if you’re tracking to your website, then you’ll also need a Meta Pixel, but these are just standard things to do if you really want to use Ads. The results can even help to refine your strategies and measure how effective your social media marketing is. 
Facebook is a good way to get your business out there, and can help to make you a lead in the industry when you begin to grow and develop your own community. Discover the power of Facebook marketing today! 
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