Many businesses create a Facebook page in the hope of leveraging a large amount of engagement which will drive leads, referrals and ultimately sales. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work, and with organic reach sitting at an all-time low of around 2%, many business owner’s pages fail and they stop posting valuable content. Facebook’s push towards a more social experience for users has meant that the main benefit of a business page is the ability to run paid ads which will put your sales message directly in front of your target audience. Without an advertising budget the majority of Facebook business pages fail to engage with consumers and end up abandoning Facebook all together 
So should we just give up or is there another option? 
A Facebook group is the answer. Any business can create a group based around a product or service they offer. Groups is a viable way to build a highly engaged community of individuals who are interested in your business. 
Groups allow you to build trust by providing value. By posting relevant content, answering your members questions you're show yourself as knowledgeable and building trust with the community. Sharing helpful articles, tips, tricks and even tutorials to help improve members’ lives and businesses helps build a relationship with the customer 
You should always create community and groups around products or services – Members will feel like they are part of an exclusive group where they can get extra help and training 
You should create Topic-Focused Groups – Don’t use your business name to identify your group. Instead focus the group name on to something which you are an expert on. This will then draw the attention of people who are interested in that topic or niche 
You should pin a post to the top of your group. This may be asking potential clients to subscribe to a newsletter or showing a product you have on offer. You won’t convert everyone on the group to buy straightaway but by being value focused and building that trust you will gain sales 
So if your not using Facebook groups then your not tapping into the full power of the most popular social media platform on the planet. A Facebook group will allow you to create meaningful conversations in a community of like-minded people which will build value and trust. As your reputation begins to grow in your niche the relationship between you and the consumer will help sell your products or services 
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