Facebook is one of the most popular platforms to use for those looking to market their business on social media. 
With over 3 billion active users, Facebook gives you the opportunity to reach an audience you wouldn’t usually find if you’re not engaging with the digital side of marketing. It’s a huge platform allowing you to bring in the sales and audience you dream of. 
Getting engagement helps to boost your posts, create a loyal base of customers and followers and puts you as an industry lead. 
Here’s how you can increase your Facebook engagement. 
Post Valuable Content 
When you create content for your Facebook page, you need to remember you’re on a social media platform and carrying out B2C Marketing. Whilst sales-pitch style language may seem like the go-to, in truth many of the people you’ll be attracting to your page will want to create a connection with your business and gain deeper understanding of your values, the story behind why you do what you do and know how the product or service will solve their problems. 
Whilst your Facebook page can act as a way for you to advertise your products or services, you should leave the language you would use to do this in your ad marketing, to your ad marketing. Share experiences other customers have had using the products you sell, how they’ve benefitted from a service you provide, thank them for reviews – these are great ways to convince an audience to purchase without going over the top with your sales style language. 
Educational content is a good way for you to increase engagement – it shows your audience you know exactly what you’re talking about, and will help to position you as an expert in your industry. It also lets you explain the mechanics behind what you do and what you’re selling without it turning into an ad. 
Be Consistent 
Consistency is key in any marketing – especially when you’re carrying out social media marketing. It allows you to show up constantly and stay in the minds of your audience. The Facebook algorithm favours new and relevant content, but if you post too much or too little, you’ll miss out on that valuable engagement. By posting 2-5 times weekly and providing something new every time, Facebook will boost your page and get it out on the timelines of your followers and in search results. 
Should you find logging on to post takes time away from your day, look into scheduling tools and prepare your content ahead of time. This can also let you create a plan for your content, also helping you stay consistent with the type of posts are going out each week and on which days. 
Ask Questions 
Asking questions can act as a CTA, and get people interacting in your comments. This helps you to build relationships with your audience too, as you can start conversations with them by answering any questions they’ve asked. It’s a great way to build a community around your business and get people talking. By using a graphic or video alongside the question you’re asking, it’ll make you stand out more on the timeline and grab attention of those who may usually just scroll by a text-based post. 
Find Out The Times Your Audience Is Active 
Knowing when your audience is online can give you an idea of the optimal time to post and share your content. If you’re using the aforementioned scheduling tools, you can then schedule your content to go out just as your audience is logging on – this means as soon as they open the app or tab with Facebook on, you’ll be appearing at the very top of their feeds – instantly improving your visibility and chances of engagement. 
Discover Facebook Reels 
Reels have become a huge part of Facebook since the TikTok boom at the start of the 2020s. Now, research has found that Reels had the highest engagement rate on Facebook in 2023 – meaning they’re definitely something to consider when you start marketing on the platform. Reels need to be filmed vertically, and can engage viewers who don’t follow your page to keep watching and look further into your business if they like what they see. 
Use Facebook Live 
Facebook Live has numerous uses for marketers – hosting Q&As, launching new products, host fundraisers, talk with others within your industry – live videos give you a direct connection with people in your audience and allow you to instantly respond to their queries and questions – it puts you in a situation where you can prove to those watching that you know exactly what you’re talking about and how your business can help them. Live videos should have a clear plan, and you can even ask your audience beforehand what topics they want to see you discuss or questions they’d like for you to answer – giving you a great base to get started. 
Add A Call To Action 
A Call To Action directs your audience on what steps your audience needs to take after consuming a piece of your content. Whether that’s to click a link, leave a comment, follow your page or get in contact, you can tell your audience what steps they need to take. By doing this, and directing them to engage, you can build up your engagement and following. CTA’s don’t just have to be just benefitting your social media pages either – they can also have great impacts on other platforms such as your website – with a great click through rate and more conversions, your social media will be able to have influence on your digital marketing as a whole. 
Facebook marketing is a really good way for businesses to delve into the world of social media and sales. Try some of these tips today and boost your engagement on the platform! 
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