Instagram reels have become a huge part of marketing yourself on Instagram. They work like TikTok’s do – often short videos, made for many purposes, that bring in engagement to a user’s profile. 
Your business can take advantage of the reels feature to market your business in a way that isn’t just static grid posts or Instagram stories. 
If you want to create Reels but don’t know where to start, here are some tips on how to create engaging Reels for your business’ Instagram. 
Make A Plan 
You need to plan exactly what your Reel will be about. What do you want to show your audience? The plan should also include the goal of the Reel – is it to get engagement, followers, sales etc, the length of the Reel and any ideas you have for features to add in, such as changing the pace and adding effects and filters. 
When you have your plan, you can move on to creating your Reel. You can do this directly on Instagram, use any videos you’ve already made and make them fit the ratio for Reels, or create new ones through an editing app such as Canva. 
Consider Telling A Story 
Story telling in your Reels helps to keep people engaged. This obviously depends on what you want to show in your Reel. Are you trying to get an emotional response? Creating a compelling story will keep people watching, as they’ll want to know the conclusion. 
Give Value 
Your need to give your audience some value from your Reels. They’ll want to know behind the scenes information, exclusives about products, insights into why you started your business and created those products or services. You and your team are the only people that can provide this value as you’re the ones directly involved in the creation and selling of your products, so make sure you’re doing this with your Reels. 
Follow The Trends 
Keep up with the latest trends for Reels and TikTok’s and implement them into your videos. Watch other Reels and figure out which filters, effects, songs and video styles are doing the best. You don’t want to copy other people, but make sure you’re aware of what’s currently performing the best so you can get some ideas for your own Reels. 
Hook People In 
Hooking people in will get them watching. You can do this with a song, an effect, a sound – anything that has relevance to your business. Hooking people in straight away will get them engaged with the rest of your video, as they’ll be wanting to see more. Take a look at other Reels created by people in your industry to see how they create a hook for their videos. 
Feature Your Audience 
You can post videos that are created using content from your audience or by your audience (with permission). This will help to build trust in your brand, as you’ll be showing real-life examples of people that are using your products or services that have had positive experiences. 
Add in Music and Audio 
Music and audio is a great way to get people watching. Instagram has access to songs that are currently popular and well known, so picking one that people know and love will help to bring in an audience. You can also use some appropriate royalty-free music to avoid any issues with copyright if you pick music from outside of the Instagram platform. 
Make sure your audio, whether it’s speaking or sound effects, is appropriate to what you’re advertising. It’s best to remember not to over-do it, as you don’t want to put your audience off from watching. 
Use Effects 
Transitions, stickers and text are important in taking your video to the next level. This will help to add more personality to the videos, add some fun and keep the audience watching to see what will happen next. Text can help add in some facts or extra pieces of information, stickers can add extra design and transitions can make Reels a bit more interesting to the viewer. Consider looking at some popular Reels to see what they include so you know how to stylise your own videos. 
Reels are getting more and more popularity, with Facebook also using them whether they’re posted directly or cross-platform with Instagram. Start following these tips and creating Reels for your business today. 
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