Instagram Reels are a new element of Instagram, but one that has taken off with many users and businesses. They work in a similar way to TikTok’s, allowing users to create short videos that are under a minute long to display themselves, their business or anything else they choose to present online. Video content has become a big part of Instagram in the last few years, with both IGTV and Reels transforming what once was a platform for static images or videos that were displayed on your profile. 
As audiences know what content will work for them and what they’re not interested in, it’s important that you find out what your target audience is looking for from your business. If your content isn’t relevant to your industry or your business your followers won’t be interested in your reels. You must strike the right balance between your business and using new marketing tactics, and you can learn how to do that in this blog post. 
Firstly, are you already making video content?  
If so, look back at some of the content you’ve made before and see what worked. When you’re getting used to reels, don’t worry about taking some clips of important sections in some of your past videos to post when you’re getting started, as this will help you discover how to use them so when you come to create your original Reels, you’ll know all the right tools to use when editing them. For longer form video content that you post on other platforms such as YouTube, or even content on IGTV, you can also take clips from them and post them as a Reel to tell your audience that you have a new video available to watch and get them to be active on your other platforms. When doing this, use clips that leave the viewer with questions that will be answered if they watch the longer video, as this will boost engagement for both your Reels and long form video content. 
Keep you Reels consistent and in-line with your branding.  
What is your brand voice? Figuring this out will help you discover how you can set the tone for your Reels and still be recognized by your audience. If your Reels are extremely different in nature to your text-based posts, your audience can be confused by the sudden shift in tone and unsure about your branding overall. In the same way you keep your graphics consistent on your Instagram ‘grid’, keep all forms of video content consistent too. That isn’t to say you can’t show any personality or use some humour (if that’s the style you go for), however don’t over do it. Your main aim is to get your audience using your service or purchasing from you, so keep professional and friendly, and persuade the audience to invest in your business. 
Track your insights often so you know what Reels are working and which ones aren’t.  
Regularly monitoring your insights is important as you want your audience to be engaged with you and what you’re posting. If you’re not getting much reach or engagement on certain Reels, refrain from doing that content. If you’re struggling for ideas, don’t be afraid to approach your audience. Instagram has many features available for audience engagement, most importantly the story sticker that allows your audience to answer any questions you ask. Create a comprehensive list of what your audience have asked to see from your Reels and start producing that content. When your audience is engaged with you, your Reels will start ranking highly on the explore page and are likely to be suggested to other users who are interested in similar industries. 
Reels receive 22% more engagement than regular videos on IGTV, so it’s important that you’re utilising them for your business. Give snapshots into what happens behind the scenes, let the audience know what your day-to-day management of your business involves, allow them to get to know you and your employees. Creating a connection with your audience in these short videos will see them become more likely to watch your longer videos, as they feel like they have some information already going into these videos, and will know who the people are who are producing this content. 
When using Reels, use music (copyright free), colours and text to interest your audience. This will attract the viewers attention and keep them watching. The video is only a minute long, so don’t overdo the graphics, but adding a few here and there to alert of important parts or to add to a video that doesn’t require any commentary will help you keep your audience watching. 
Instagram Reels should become a part of your marketing strategy, and they’re only going to start growing as more businesses and users begin to discover their benefits. Get ahead of your competitors and start utilising them today for your business and see how they can help you expand your social media presence. 
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