If you want to engage with your target audience, you need to create content that makes them sit up and take notice. Attention grabbing content is the perfect way to do that, while also getting people talking about your products or services through useful information, tips, tricks, and tutorials. For content to be truly effective, it needs to serve your audience’s needs as well as your business goals. 
In this blog, we’ll explain how businesses can make their content attention grabbing to send their engagement rates through the roof… 
Make It Visual 
Research shows that 91% of audiences prefer visual content as their primary form communication with a brand. Visual content has many benefits such as; capturing the attention of your target audience and encouraging interaction. 
If you start with an engaging image at the top of your content, you’ll immediately make your content more dynamic. Adding an image not only helps grab a user’s attention, but also helps tell a story, which allows people to better understand what they’re viewing. 
Video is one of the most popular marketing tools for businesses. Short and concise video content is a great way to grab your audience’s attention, as well as adding captions. Studies show that viewers hold 95% of a message when they watch video, compared to only 10% when reading text. 
Infographics are a great way to visually communicate information quickly and effectively. Infographics are easy to read and digest making them ideal for sharing online. They also allow you to include lots of data points without overwhelming viewers. 
Start With A Headline 
The headline is important as it’s the first thing your audience look at, creating a connection with the content and building their relationship with your business. A good headline is what stays with people even after they’ve forgotten what they watched or read. A strong headline can also lead to numerous benefits, such as an increase in traffic and improved conversions. 
Without a strong headline, the rest of the content is simply not read. Users can take as little as 0.05 seconds to decide if the content is worth their time. Therefore, it is vital to grab their attention with a strong and interesting headline. You can easily create a strong headline by finding a unique angle or concept that makes your content interesting and allows your audience to consume and share it. It’s also very important to know your audiences pain points, so you can incorporate them into your headline. 
Know Your Audience 
Make sure you know who your audience are and target them specifically! 
When create engaging content, your strategy should always put the audience first. Your content should be useful, engaging, and relevant to your audience, otherwise, they won’t be interested. To know what content will appeal to your audience, you’ll have to do some research to find out specifically what information they value. 
Here are some key considerations when it comes to understanding your audience: 
• Their demographic and personas 
• Know your audience’s interests, wants, and needs such as; What are they talking about? What issues are they facing? Which topics appeal to your audience? Keep an eye out and monitor the type of content they’re sharing and engaging with. 
• Think about the questions and problems they’re facing and attempt to answer them with content. 
• Do keyword research to see how often a topic is being searched in Google. Use Google Trends to track trending topics, this will help identify what your audience is searching for. 
Keep Up with the Trends 
Creating content that also relates to trending topics in the media is extremely beneficial, as this will help grab the attention of a broader audience. Writing content about a popular trending topic can give your account a huge traffic boost. 
To find this type of content you need to do your research on trending topics and come up with ways you can join in on the fun while being relevant and up to your business standards. 
Remember, content that is based around a trending topic is more likely to be discovered than content that is not. 
After reading this blog you will be able to create content that not only captures the attention of new potential customers but it also keeps your existing audience coming back for more. 
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