Facebook has over 3 billion users worldwide, and advertising on the platform can bring you a lot of sales and new audiences if done correctly. Facebook ads are one of the most popular forms of social media advertising, and can be a huge part of your digital marketing campaigns. 
Here are 5 reasons why you should consider Facebook Ads… 
Targeting options on Facebook are some of the most advanced, with businesses being able to go for specific interests to narrow down audiences more than they already have by looking at things such as gender, age, location and job. Targeting is such a highly important of creating great ads due to its ability to make sure you’re reaching the exact people you want engaging with your business, giving you a better ROI. 
Advanced targeting like custom and lookalike audiences are one benefit to Facebook Ads – they’re tailored already to the people who are either using your business already or are similar to those you already have information on, ensuring your ads are shown to the most desired audiences, maximising the number of conversions you can get. 
Custom Audiences 
With custom audiences, you can target people that are already aware of your business. 
To do this, you’ll have to upload something like your email marketing list or previous customer data you have. Facebook will then match these to accounts matching the information that you’ve inputted and will begin displaying your ads to these people. 
Leveraging your custom audiences will ensure your ads will be delivered to the most relevant audiences and can continue the customer lifecycle. Custom audiences can also be used to form your lookalike audiences. 
Lookalike Audiences 
Lookalike audiences are where Facebook will find audiences that are similar to your current audience, and begin to target them with your ads. 
Generated by Facebook using information about targeting aspects such as demographics, interests and behaviours from your ‘source’ audience, your ad will then be shown to that audience of people (known as a lookalike audience) who are similar to your existing custom audience. 
This style of marketing increases how effective your advertising campaigns can be, allowing you to consistently reach new audiences and expanding your base. This will boost your income and grow loyal audiences around your products and services, which will aid you in other marketing areas that don’t necessarily include ad campaigns. 
Analytical Information 
Ads manager provides in depth information on your ad performance, including how much you’re spending on each click (cost-per-click) and your reach. These insights provide an overview of your performance overall and within certain time periods, allowing decisions to be made almost instantly when ads are running on where things need changing in order to optimise the campaign and get it performing to its full potential. 
You can gain a deeper understanding of your audience and customers, adapting and tweaking elements that will drive higher conversions when you notice performance issues. Ads are an important part of Facebook’s make-up, and by getting your business out there you will be able to discover how much benefit the ads system can bring to your business online. 
Paid Reach 
Whilst you can try getting your business out there using organic methods, nowadays social media puts a lot of reliance on ads and paid. 
Paid Ads help your reach more people, making you instantly visible to your audience compared to gradually growing your page over time. You also have control over who these specific audiences are and control over your budget, as well as tools such as A/B testing available to get to grips with. The aforementioned analytics also let you track and measure a campaigns effectiveness, allowing campaigns not only to be highly optimised but cost effective too. 
Facebook ads don’t have to be expensive, and can actually bring in a lot of customers when done correctly – helping the growth of your business. Try and create an ad today and see the positive impacts it can have on your performance. 
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