Facebook has over 3 billion users, meaning your target audience will be out there, waiting for a product/service just like yours to solve their problems, and Facebook Ads are the perfect way to get out in front of your target audience. 
This form of PPC can be of great benefit to those who optimise their campaigns to get a ROI that far outweighs the cost of running the ad, but some people often find themselves running into trouble with their campaigns due to mistakes that can be easily avoided. 
Here’s 5 common mistakes you need to avoid with your Facebook Ads… 
Limiting The Target Audience 
One of the biggest mistakes marketers make when it comes to their Facebook Ads is limiting the size of their target audience. Being specific is recommended, but being so specific you end up with a tiny audience will restrict your reach and means you’ll be shown to less people than you hoped for. This can negatively affect your ad’s performance, and whilst you won’t need or want to target the entirety of Facebook’s users, you also don’t need to make your audience just a few people. Your audience size will be affected by the targeting you set out in your ad, and you’ll be able to see the size of your audience changing as you add more information about your ideal customer into the targeting options. Keep an eye on this as you input your targeting options, as you’ll be able to see the number of people your ad reach decreasing as you choose who to target, and you can modify your targeting selections based on the data. 
Reaching The Wrong Audience 
Just because specific targeting can reduce your reach, that doesn’t mean you need to target everyone or people who will not be interested in what you have to offer. Research is key when it comes to PPC campaigns, as you won’t want to be wasting money on underperforming ads that could have been avoided if you had targeted correctly. Find out what your target market wants to hear from a brand just like yours, and adjust your campaign accordingly. Buyer Personas are great for businesses who are trying to work out who their target customer is, as it lets you build a picture of the most desirable things, you’re looking for in someone interested in your products. 
Create Engaging Content 
Your ad gives you one chance to meet your potential customers expectations, hitting their pain points and offering a solution whilst selling your products/services in the process. You should be aware of the kind of content your audience is more likely to interact with so you can form your ad to get better engagement. One of the biggest mistakes marketers make is not considering the type of content their audience wants to see, which reduces engagement and click through rate, negatively impacting your ad and limiting your ROI. Knowing what content is likely to catch your audience’s attention and basing your ad around this will stop them in their tracks and make them want to find out more about what you have to offer. 
Use A/B Testing 
A/B Testing is a great way for you to test your ads before you go all in on a campaign. By not A/B Testing, you won’t know which parts of your ad are leaving your audience cold. A/B Testing allows you to test multiple different versions of your ad, and with Facebooks A/B Testing feature, it’s never been easier. All you need to do is upload different versions of your ad, and Facebook will show them to segments of your target audience. When the test is over, Facebook will analyse the data and select the ad with the highest engagement to display to your audience members. 
Don’t Rely On Facebook 
Whilst Facebook does a lot to support your ads, don’t start a campaign and leave it for Facebook to do all the work for you. This can mean you run into trouble, as you won’t be staying up to date with your ad performance. By ensuring you set aside time to check your ad over throughout the campaign, take a look at the metrics and see if there are any areas that can be tweaked. By allowing your ad to run in the background, you could be unknowingly losing money that you would save if you regularly stayed on top of your campaign management. 
Facebook Ads are great for your business to look into if you want to expand your marketing reach, and with you now aware of these mistakes, you can avoid them when you come to create your PPC Campaign on the platform. 
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