If you’ve started a social media account for your business, you’re going to need content that gets the audience to engage. Your content must be relevant, and if you’re designing graphics alongside it, they must have some relation to your brand’s style, colour and have a design that stands out from other businesses in your industry. 
Content must bring value to your audience, show your industry expertise, and be 100% original to your business’ social media. 
If you’re struggling for content, here are some ideas that will engage your audience and get them interacting with your social media. 
Find Out What Your Audience Are Looking For 
You need to know what type of content your audience are after. You can do some competitor research to see what kind of content they post, think about your business from your audience’s perspective, and look up FAQ’s that are asked about your industry to get a feel for what those who are engaged with your industry really want to know. 
You can also ask your audience what type of content they’d like to see from you. This will help you to identify what they’re after the most, and what they’re more likely to engage with when you start posting to your social media platform. You can put out a survey and get responses that way too, in order to learn what your audience want from your social content. 
Use Content that Works 
If you’ve got a piece of content that has performed well, then don’t be worried to re-use that idea in the future. Obviously, don’t get repetitive with the content that you’re putting out, but if something is working for you, make it part of your strategy to really make that one of your content niche’s. You can also share it across platform, compile it into a video or create a thread on Twitter. 
Take A Look At The News 
Depending on your business, recent news stories can be great help for content ideas. If you’re struggling for content creating a discussion about a news story and adding some of your own expertise and knowledge is a great way to get engagement and show your audience that you have experience inn your field to add some more information to what the story is about. 
You can also look at recent publications by leaders in your industry, and share them with your audience. These are things your audience may not seek out themselves, so pointing them in the direction of something they could be interested in is a good way to get people engaged whilst also adding value. 
Take A Look At The Trends 
What’s trending? You need to be careful with trends as they could alienate an audience who doesn’t engage too much with them or social media as a whole, however if you have an audience that is actively engaging with and aware of the current trends you should use this to your advantage. Get involved by using trending music, filters, effects and hashtags to really get your content reaching out to a bigger audience. Trends can be hit or miss, so don’t be disheartened if one trend doesn’t work – they’re constantly changing, so make sure you’re getting them out on your platform at the optimum time that the trend in in circulation. 
Run A Giveaway 
Giveaways are really helpful for engagement. You’ll be asking your audience to carry out an action, which will then see you get comments and likes on your posts as people will want to win the giveaway or competition tat you are running. In order to really boost engagement here, ask them a question that requires comments in order to enter, ask to tag friends too, and encourage them to follow you as well. This helps to build up your platform, find new audience members and reward someone with a prize that will help build up brand loyalty and trust. 
Speak To People In Real Life 
Stuck for creativity? Asking people, you know within the industry for ideas can be really beneficial. Two head are better than one, and you can bounce ideas off of each other and really get some good content plans flowing as you work together. 
Brainstorm your ideas and work out which ones will work best for your business and begin working together to create the content so it can be delivered to it’s maximum potential, and impress the audience – getting them engaged with you. 
Content can be overwhelming to create, but these ideas should help you on your way to creating content that gets your audience engaging with you regularly on social media. Try some of these ideas today and see how they work for you. 
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