With the new year fast approaching, businesses will begin to start modifying or creating their social media strategies as they get ready to start with their digital marketing efforts. 
A social media strategy outlines all the responsibilities and actions you plan to take when it comes to your social media platforms, including your content, defining your audience, which platforms you’ll prioritise, which members of your team will be delegated certain tasks and clients – it’s a full overview of how you’re going to grow you online presence and use your businesses employees’ skillsets to the best of your and their abilities. 
Here’s how you can create the perfect social media strategy for 2024. 
Define Your Audience 
Defining your audience may seem like an obvious step, especially if you already have a target audience set, but it’s always best to review your analytics and see who exactly this audience is. 
Your target audience is an important part of your marketing – it’s the basis for everything you do, and they’re the people you need to be engaging with in order to promote and sell your products. Without an audience, or with the wrong audience, you’re setting your business up for failure. 
Creating an audience persona can help you to form a mental image of your ideal customer. Age, gender, location, job, relationship status, income, hobbies – these are just some of the main things that can be used when it comes to finding your audience. Whether this is for ad targeting, or it’s for creating content that speaks directly to the customer, you must know all there is to know about a generalised version of your target audience. This audience persona can then be modified as time goes on as you find out more from your audience, and you can use your analytics to make changes that are still relevant and helpful to your brand without having to entirely overhaul the identity of your target customer. 
Discover The Power of E-Commerce 
Most social media platforms now offer some kind of advertising or shop function, with Instagram and TikTok being the leading platforms to offer buying through the actual site itself. 
Using this allows you to expand the way you sell online. From linking customers to your products using Facebook Ads to putting your products onto TikTok directly for example, you’ll be giving your audience a multitude of ways to find your goods and purchase them, sometimes without even having to leave the app they’re buying from. 
Hubspot research found 80% of social media marketers have said more customers are buying products within the social apps rather than on brand websites, but just 47% are taking advantage of the e-commerce features that are on offer. Therefore, 2024 could be a great time to really get to grips with these features and start selling your products through apps too. 
Optimise Your Account For Search 
With people now turning to social media to find brands, and gather more information about brands they’ve heard of, it’s important your businesses account is showing up in these search results and can be used to inform customers about what exactly it is you sell, your aim with your business and any other important facts you believe are relevant. Make sure you’re using key words and phrases in your bio and posts, use hashtags, have a straightforward username and make sure your branding is consistent across all of your platforms. 
Select The Right Social Channels 
You probably already know which social channels are best for you, but if you’re just starting out, then make sure you’re using the start of 2024 to start crafting your plans around the platform’s your audience are likely to populate most. Instagram and Facebook offer most businesses the best ROI, and Twitter (or X) the worst, but this doesn’t mean you should automatically go to Instagram and Facebook if their features don't align best with your plans for social media marketing. If you want to be creative, on trend and connect with a younger audience, then sites like TikTok could end up being your priority. 
It all links back to your audience AND what would be best for your business in the long run. Combining both of these will help you to create a winning strategy. 
Have A Customer Service Plan 
How will you approach your customers? You need your team to know exactly how to deal with customer queries, complaints and reviews. Taking a professional approach to your customers will make them feel considered and as though their problem is and will be solved. Even when customers leave negative reviews, you need to remain calm and clear up any issues, or state if the review they have left is false. Reputation management is important, and if you are rude to your customers, they and others won’t want to engage with you. Be courteous at all times, and make sure you respond to any messages within good time. 
Your social media marketing strategy is a big part of what makes your business unique, and gives your entire team a guide on what they should do when using your social media platforms for digital marketing. Create your strategy today and get ready for 2024! 
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