Social Media is a great place for you to be able to connect with new audiences and your ideal client is likely to be within this audience. There are many ways to find out who your ideal client is, and what the best way would be for you to get in contact with them. 
Your ideal client often won’t just come to you – you have to discover them. After all, how will they know the benefits of your product/service if you don’t locate them in order to get them invested in whatever it is you’re selling? Your ideal client can provide a big benefit for your business – having loyal customers who are truly fans of what you’re offering can really provide a boost to your business and help you increase your sales. 
So how do you find your ideal client? Here are some tips to get you started on discovering who you should be contacting. 
What Platform Does Your Ideal Client Use? 
When you begin creating a marketing plan, you’ll often decide which audiences you plan to target, which will include demographics such as age, gender, location and potential interests. Therefore, finding social media data for the sites you’re looking to launch your business on will help you decide the best platform. 
Working out what platform your ideal client uses can be done by looking at this information you already know you want from your clients, and looking at demographic data for specific sites. This data is a great way to discover age and gender statistics, and help you select the right platform that your client seems to be the most active on. 
On platforms like LinkedIn, you can specifically search for job titles and job roles as well as location. Filtering your search can help you reach the core of your ideal client base. 
You can also take a look at your current available demographic insights to see who in your audience are the most engaged with your content, and if your ideal client falls into any of those categories. 
Join Groups 
Joining groups that your ideal client is likely to also be in is a good way to discover who exactly it is that you’re looking for. Joining a group can give you an idea of their interests, and you can help to attract them by posting and interacting in these groups in order to build brand awareness and bring more traffic to your business’ social media sites. 
Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups are ideal for finding your clients, so make sure you’re joining the most relevant ones. If you’re a social media business, you wouldn’t join a group about fashion, for example. You need to make sure the groups you’re joining has some sort of common interest link between you, the group and the other group members. 
Attracting Your Client With Content 
How good is your copywriting? Is your visual content or video content likely to attract clients? You need to make sure what you’re posting displays your knowledge and expertise, as well making sure your graphics are well designed. Do they match your brand colours? Are they suitable? Making sure you have a strong marketing plan when it comes to creating visuals for social media will help you create unique and interesting images and videos that will help you to stand out from your competition. 
Your copywriting needs to be well thought out. Explain the benefits of what you’re offering, and make sure your posts have a Call To Action. A simple sentence with a link isn’t likely to entice an audience, so you need to make sure you’re able to hook them in and get them invested in whatever it is that you’re offering to them. 
Connect With Your Client 
When you have discovered who your ideal client is, you need to connect with them. You need to start conversations, reply to comments, share content that they post or if you’re using LinkedIn, send a connection request and begin from there. Don’t overload your client and harass them with content and messages, but build up a gradual relationship over time. This will help them to gain trust in you and your brand, and will help them to feel like you’re interested in what they have to say. 
Remember, your ideal client needs to have some awareness of your brand and your services before you begin creating a relationship with them. Therefore, don’t just try and market to them as soon as you discover them as they’ll likely be unaware of who you are, and what benefits your product offers to them. 
Finding your ideal client is a great way for you to build up a lasting and trusted relationship that will help you achieve more sales and profit. By following these tips, you’ll be able to discover where your ideal client is, and how you can attract them to engage with your busine 
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