If you’re looking for success on social media, you need to have a well thought out and revised plan. If you go into social media with no plan, it’ll be easy for you to potentially fail, or get to a point where you aren't seeing results. 
It's advisable that you create a good plan and strategy so that you have something to follow, and something that could help your employees understand how your social media is to be ran.  
Here are some tips on how to create a social media plan for business success. 
Set Your Goals 
You need to know what you’re aiming for when you start with social media. What is it that you want to achieve, and when do you want to achieve it by? If you don’t have any goals set out, how do you know what it is your aiming to get out of setting up a social media page for your business? 
The best way to do this is follow the SMART model. This model is as follows: 
Specific – What are your specific aims? What is it that you exactly what to achieve? 
Measurable – Can you measure the success? Do you have the plans in place to track your metrics and insights? 
Attainable – Are your goals attainable for your current business model, and stage your business is in? 
Relevant – Are you goals relevant to your business and your industry? 
Time – In what time scale do you want to achieve it by? What time scale is realistic? 
This model is good base for you to lay out the foundations for your social media plan and understand what you want out of it. 
Know Your Audience 
For example, if your audience is simply women, that is a huge range of people you may target. You need to really know them, even by simple demographics. A good way to start is by looking at your audience’s persona and creating your ideal customer. How old are they? Where are they from? What do they do for work, and can they afford your product and service? What are they interested in? When you are able to create this customer, you can them target your social media posts and graphics towards them. Speak to the audience that is coming into your business and following you and create that connection with them. 
Who are your competition? 
You need to know your competition. By using social listening, you can see what they’re doing, who they are and how they interact on their social media. This doesn’t mean you can just copy them, but it can give you ideas on how you can run your own social media. What are their weaknesses? Make that your strength. What are they good at? Do it better! Keep on top of tracking your competitors often so you can gain opportunities that they may end up missing out on themselves. 
Monitor Your Insights 
Insights are so important for social media. They are a quick way for you to see what is working and what isn’t. If you’re not looking at your insights, you could be targeting a group of people that is completely incorrect and won’t bring value to you. 
Insights will show you what works and what doesn’t, so know what you’re doing and keep checking them so you can improve your posts, and make sure your regularly reaching audiences that you want to target. 
Content Calendar 
Create a content calendar so you know what days to post and what content to post on those days. This will help you structure your content and give you the opportunity to know what to post and when to post it. Content calendars will help you with your insights too, as you’ll be able to see if any specific days or times aren’t working, so you can change when you’re putting your content out there so it does as well as it can. 
With social media, it isn’t straightforward. But having a basic understanding and plan will help you develop and grow on your chosen platform, helping you find success through social media. 
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